Jerry Cornfield

For opponents of a carbon tax, an initiative threat looms

If legislators don’t act on the governor’s legislation, a plan could land on the November ballot.


Inslee: ‘It’s our state’s destiny … to fight climate change’

In his State-of-the-State address, the governor made the case for an ambitious carbon tax.


Viewers in the gallery applaud as Gov. Jay Inslee makes his annual state-of-the state address before a joint legislative session Tuesday in Olympia. (Elaine Thompson / Associated Press)

Inslee: ‘It’s our state’s destiny … to fight climate change’

In his State-of-the-State address, the governor made the case for an ambitious carbon tax.


Initial returns point to a power shift in the state Senate | The Petri Dish

Democrats went to bed Tuesday night confidently declaring their party will control the levers of legislating in state government by the end of the month.… Continue reading

Inslee unveils plan to fully fund education with $5B in new and higher taxes

OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled a $46.7 billion budget proposal Wednesday that fully funds public schools, provides state employees a raise, freezes college tuition… Continue reading

Questions remain for Oso commission | Jerry Cornfield

Establishing a commission to examine the causes and consequences of the Oso mudslide is taking longer than Snohomish County Executive John Lovick and Gov. Jay Inslee imagined.

Opening Day 2016: Inmate releases, clean air rules and a minimum wage hike

State lawmakers began the 2016 legislative session on Monday with a bit of ceremony featuring comments by Republican and Democratic leaders.

A poem for Congress | Jerry Cornfield

‘Tis two days after session and all through the Dome, Not a member is working since they all have gone home;

Back from Paris, Inslee takes aim at carbon pollution

Nothing like a few days away from the office to get one’s spirit rejuvenated and energy recharged.

State lawmakers get stern warning on education

Democratic and Republican lawmakers are finding themselves once again falling down a rabbit hole in their Sisyphean efforts to cure the real and perceived ailments of the state’s public schools. And now they face a deadline of sorts to figure a way out.

Some Oso answers can wait | Jerry Cornfield

You may notice the daily media briefings on the Oso mudslide getting shorter and tenser with less said and more questions asked. Families are still the story of the Oso mudslide – and the other questions can wait.

Unanswered questions from 2013 | Jerry Cornfield | The Petri Dish

The year 2013 left a ration of questions to be answered in the course of 2014. Here is a sampling.

Lessons learned at Oso disaster | Jerry Cornfield

That venerable adage ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ came to mind Tuesday as President Barack Obama departed the Oso firehouse.

The Petri Dish: Syrian refugees welcome, Inslee says

“At a time when millions of Syrian families are attempting to flee ISIS and seek refuge in safer parts of the world, including the United States, there are some who say it’s time to close our doors to people whose lives are in peril,” Inslee said in a prepared statement.

Eyman ‘elated’ over I-1366’s success | The Petri Dish

Voters have spoken and no one could be pleased more by what they said than Tim Eyman.

Governor’s death-penalty stance may hold for future | Jerry Cornfield

Jay Inslee endorsed the death penalty for his entire political career. But once the Democrat became governor and got his finger on the switch, he realized he couldn’t push it.

New initiative seeks state $13.50 minimum wage | The Petri Dish

A coalition led by statewide labor groups recently filed an initiative to push the minimum wage to $13.50 an hour and allow workers to earn paid sick leave.

Decision could avert dueling carbon measures on 2016 ballot | The Petri Dish

Competing initiatives strive to combat climate change — one might fare better with the public

Election disinterest everywhere | Jerry Cornfield

There are hundreds of thousands of residents in the state registered to vote in the primary election now under way. Most won’t.

Jerry Cornfield: How the GOP got it’s groove back

After this election, Republicans will hold a majority of seats in the state Senate for the first time since 2004 and boast their largest contingent in the state House in more than a decade.