How to put proposed carbon tax to good use | Letter

In November, Washington voters rejected what would have been the nation’s first carbon tax. A mix of seemingly conflicting groups attacked the measure on all fronts and destroyed what would have been an effective and equitable policy in the fight against climate change.

All hope is not lost, however. Three carbon tax bills have been introduced during this legislative session, and while none of them may pass, there is a real opportunity for us to put a carbon tax to good use in our state: funding education.

Both parties have agreed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from new taxes to fund the budget shortfall for our state’s schools and teachers; the only disagreement is about how to do it.

Inevitably, any tax increase will anger certain people. But instead of raising property taxes, which will further burden homeowners (especially after ST3), or creating a capital gains tax, let’s take this opportunity to support a carbon tax and invest in our children’s futures in more ways than one.

If you agree, please join the Carbon Tax Lobby Day on April 20 in Olympia, or call your legislators to express your support.

Blake Wedekind


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