Sammamish Mayor Don Gerend to step down as mayor

Sammamish Mayor Don Gerend will step down as mayor for the last half of his 2017 term.

“I have to cut back,” Gerend told the Reporter.

He said he’s on more than a dozen committees and forums locally and regionally, plus the mayoral duties require much of his time.

“It’s too much,” he said. “The net effect is I’m neglecting my personal business.”

Gerend will step down as mayor on the first meeting in July. He will continue his 2017 term as a City Council member.

The Sammamish City Council then will hold an election to replace Gerend as mayor. If Deputy Mayor Bob Keller is selected, the council will also elect a deputy mayor.

The city of Sammamish uses a council-city manager form of government. As such, the mayor is largely a ceremonial role occupied by a voting member of the council.

Gerend, who has been a council member since the city incorporated in 1999, announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election at the end of his term.

In his 18 years as a council member he has served as mayor four times, plus one other where he served as mayor for one week.