This bullet hole was made when a bullet struck this SUV near I-90 milepost 19, just east of Issaquah. Photo courtesy of Washington State Patrol

WSP investigating shots fired near Issaquah

The Washington State Patrol is investigating an incident of shots fired that left an SUV damaged.

At about 10:20 p.m. on June 16, the SUV was traveling eastbound on Interstate 90 near milepost 19 (just east of Issaquah) when it was struck in the right rear by a bullet. None of the automobile’s occupants were harmed.

The vehicle’s occupants told police that they had heard a loud noise as the bullet struck the car, but had assumed the source of the noise to be a rock hitting the vehicle. It was when they arrived at Snoqualmie Casino in Snoqualmie that they noticed the bullet hole in the right rear of the SUV.

Trooper Marcus Sanchez, who examined the bullet hole and the bullet, concluded that the bullet had been fired by someone standing on the south side of the freeway, as the trajectory was leading downward. Sanchez noted that there are many trails in this area that could have provided the bullet with a clear path to the freeway.

Trooper Rick Johnson, the WSP’s public information officer, told the Reporter that the shot was likely fired from the Tiger Mountain Trail parking lot, as it “came from up above.”

Johnson said that it is not clear whether the person was purposely trying to hit cars or if the shot was an accident. However, he noted that if it were an accident, it would be hard not to know that the freeway was right there due to the noise of the cars. Furthermore, Johnson pointed out that 10:20 p.m. would be an odd time for target practice.

“It was shot towards the freeway and that’s our main concern,” Johnson said.

Whether or not the person was shooting with the intent to hit cars, the shooter still violated the law, as shooting in that area is prohibited, Johnson said.

Anyone with any information on the person responsible is asked to contact Detective Ruth Medeiros at 425-401-7719 or at

The Reporter will update this story when more information becomes available.