Dr. Gustafson

Tis’ the season for emotional eating

As the holidays are nearing, even those among us who mostly manage to stay in shape have to wonder how they can prevent serious damage to their waistline this time of the year.


How to stay healthy when times may be tough

Some time ago, I saw a patient who had become unemployed at an age where finding another job wasn’t going to be easy. He had been struggling with weight issues on and off for years past, but now he was facing some serious health problems. The stress from his job search and the increasing anxiety about his financial situation made it difficult for him to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


What’s in a label?

Who would have guessed that nutrition labels could serve as a political football? We are talking about the fine print on the backside of the bags, boxes and cans our food comes in.


What’s the buzz about soda and our health?

For me, as a dietitian and health counselor who has worked with children for many years, carbonated drinks rank almost as high as tobacco products and alcohol in their potential to cause great harm, especially at a young age.