Top 7 Best Appetite Suppressants That Work to Control Hunger Cravings Naturally (2024)

When it comes to body weight loss, sometimes it feels like you can’t progress. Whether you train hard or live a healthy lifestyle, you don’t seem to lose weight. Often, the biggest issue is that people cannot control their hunger, and while it may seem like nothing, these and other minor errors quickly add up.

Many people turn to prescription weight loss drugs to help them lose weight. While these can be very useful, they can often cause side effects. That is why taking appetite suppressants is often a better way to go, as an effective appetite suppressant will curb hunger just as well without putting you at any risk.

The issue is with so many OTC appetite suppressants, it can be hard to know which one to use. That is why we have created the following guide to the very best appetite suppressants that are on the market, to make sure that cravings never ruin your healthy lifestyle or weight loss progress again.

The 7 Best Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplements

  • Best Appetite Suppressants – Instant Knockout Cut
  • Best for Women – Hourglass Fit
  • Best Premium Option – Hunter Burn
  • Best Runner Up – Leanbean
  • Best Gummy For Appetite Suppression – Olly
  • Best Budget Appetite Suppressant – Now Foods
  • Best for Menopause Appetite Suppression – EstroCare

Instant Knockout Cut – The Best Appetite Suppressant Supplement Overall


Instant Knockout Cut is a potent thermogenic fat burner that is not only one of the best appetite suppressants or non-prescription medications of this kind, but it is also the single best weight loss pill overall.

Designed to help combat athletes burn fat, lose weight, and preserve muscle mass in the build-up to a competition, it utilizes only potent doses of natural ingredients, all of which support each other and have been carefully checked to ensure that there is no risk they will get you banned from your sport.

Instant Knockout Cut contains potent doses of black pepper extract, caffeine, cayenne pepper extract, glucomannan, green tea extract, l-theanine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin D3, all of which are proven to be very effective in non-prescription weight loss medications and appetite suppressants.

Glucomannan is a soluble dietary fiber in the konjac root that is very low in calories. When it comes in contact with water in the gut, it dramatically expands. This causes you to feel full, removes food cravings, and enables you to consume fewer calories, avoid weight gain, and accelerate stored fat burning.

It also aids digestion by causing food to be released from the gut much slower, enabling your body to properly break down and absorb all the nutrients, further aiding weight loss and energy production.

Caffeine is an appetite suppressant and fat burner that stimulates thermogenesis, raising your body temperature to boost metabolism and stored fat burning. It’s best known as a stimulant, giving you more energy to train longer and harder, accelerating weight loss.

Green tea extract contains natural caffeine, so again, it supports appetite suppression, fat burning, energy production, and metabolism. It also has the antioxidant catechin EGCG, which will suppress appetite and hunger cravings and prevent the bloating linked to dietary fiber weight loss pills.

L-theanine is an amino acid that will prevent the crashes and sleep issues stimulants like caffeine can cause, improve sleep quality, focus, relaxation, immunity, and energy levels, prevent tiredness, anxiety, stress, and hunger cravings, and help you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Cayenne pepper contains the chemical capsaicin. This will suppress appetite and food cravings, helping you stick to a balanced diet and lower calorie intake, promote thermogenesis, boost metabolism and body fat burning, and reduce inflammation to ensure you don’t miss any workouts.

Black pepper extract also stimulates thermogenesis and fat burning. However, it is mainly used in dietary supplements as it contains the alkaloid piperine, a bioavailability enhancer that improves the absorption and effectiveness of everything else the diet pill contains.

Vitamin B6 helps with losing weight as it promotes normal fat metabolism, improves your sleep quality and immune system health and functions, and benefits your body in many other ways to keep you healthy and ensure that you don’t miss workouts.

Vitamin B12 will boost the metabolism of nutrients in your diet and the cells in your body, improve blood cell, bone marrow, and nerve sheath production, reduce body fat storage, accelerate protein synthesis and energy production, and enhance your body mass index (BMI) and body composition.

Vitamin D then prevents fat storage, low testosterone levels, and poor protein synthesis or energy levels while keeping you generally healthy to support you throughout your weight loss journey.

Its ability to suppress hunger makes Instant Knockout Cut a perfect appetite suppressant for people who need help battling hunger cravings or consuming fewer calories.

When you then throw in its ability to boost metabolism, energy levels, and excess fat burning, preserve muscle mass, and prevent any side effects, it is an ideal diet pill to support weight loss virtually every way.


  • It can suppress appetite and food cravings
  • Gluten-free, FDA-approved, and vegan-friendly
  • It will burn fat and promote weight loss
  • It won’t cause you to fail a drug test or experience side effects
  • It is designed to help you lose weight and train harder
  • Reviewed positively by both athletes and regular users


  • Appetite suppression is not its primary focus
  • Can only be bought directly from the official Instant Knockout Cut website

Hourglass Fit – The Best Appetite Suppressant Pills For Women


Hourglass Fit is not only one of the best non-prescription appetite suppressants on the market, but it is also specifically designed for women. This makes it the perfect diet pill to use for women who need help losing weight and controlling hunger pangs while looking after the needs of their bodies.

The Hourglass Fit appetite suppressant formula consists of zinc, cayenne pepper extract, black pepper extract, glucomannan, 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), chromium, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. While tailored towards women, it can help men lose weight and consume fewer calories.

Black pepper extract, cayenne pepper extract, glucomannan, and vitamins B6 and B12 were all present in Instant Knockout Cut in varying doses, and they all go about suppressing appetite, promoting weight loss, reducing inflammation, keeping you healthy, and supporting each other in precisely the same ways.

The amino acid 5-htp can cross the blood-brain barrier and improve the production of serotonin. Higher levels of this neurotransmitter will enhance your mood, sleep quality, and ability to focus and relax and prevent anxiety and depression. This will all promote weight loss and appetite control.

Chromium, a chemical and mineral, also improves serotonin production and focus. However, it also lowers blood sugar levels, enhances nutrient absorption and utilization, and makes all other ingredients in diet pills easier to absorb and more effective, suppressing appetite even further.

The mineral zinc stimulates the pituitary gland to aid luteinizing hormone and testosterone production. This enhances energy levels, recovery time, weight loss, DNA synthesis, eye and immune system health and functions, and your metabolism, and reduces inflammation and the signs of aging.

Vitamin B2 is vital to boost metabolism and help the body turn the food from your balanced diet into usable energy. It is instrumental in non-prescription appetite suppressants for women, as it promotes healthy skin and hair, which women tend to care about more than men.

By putting the effects of fat burner, energy booster, and appetite suppressant supplements in one weight loss pill, Hourglass Fit can help you lose weight and reduce your food intake from several angles. This makes it easily the best appetite suppressant for women today.


  • Combines the effects of an appetite suppressant, fat burner, and energy booster in one weight loss supplement
  • Uses only optimal doses of high-quality ingredients proven to be of use in appetite suppressants
  • They are specifically made to aid weight loss in women while catering to the specific needs of their bodies.


  • A pretty pricey appetite suppressant
  • Can only be bought directly from the official Hourglass Fit website

Hunter Burn – The Best Appetite Suppressant Pills For Sugar Cravings


Hunter Burn is a weight loss supplement that supports the weight loss process by helping you burn fat, suppress appetite, and avoid weight gain all at once. This makes it ideal to help you shed excess weight and avoid elongating your weight loss journey if you cheat on your healthy diet.

The Hunter Burn appetite suppressant formula contains green tea extract, glucomannan, cayenne pepper extract, vitamin d3, l-theanine, and white kidney bean extract.

Green tea extract, glucomannan, cayenne pepper extract, vitamin d3, and l-theanine have been seen in the other non-prescription appetite suppressants we have looked at in varying dosages.

They will again prevent anxiety, boating, inflammation, stress, and fat storage and boost weight loss, appetite control, energy levels, exercise performance, focus, immune system health and functions, nutrient absorption, relaxation, and sleep quality in the same ways.

White kidney bean extract, sometimes called phase 2, inhibits the digestion of certain starches. This will cause them to sit in the gut and be fermented or excreted with your waste instead of being absorbed, so it will reduce your calorie intake, blood sugar level, and chance of gaining body fat.

By using a range of ingredients that promote weight loss and appetite suppression in different ways, Hunter Burn will help you lose weight and reduce your food intake quickly. Inhibiting carbohydrate absorption then prevents you from gaining weight even if you do happen to cheat on your healthy diet.

Throw in the fact it also provides other health benefits. It can be used with other dietary supplements in the Hunter Evolve range to give even better results, and Hunter Burn is among the very best non-prescription appetite suppressants to aid excess weight loss if you struggle to stick to a healthy lifestyle.


  • It is one of the best appetite suppressants and weight loss supplements for people who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Offers appetite suppressing, fat burning, and metabolism and energy-boosting effects
  • Can promote better recovery, rest, relaxation, and exercise performance


  • It is a pretty expensive appetite suppressant
  • Can only be purchased directly from the official Hunter Burn or Hunter Evolve websites

Leanbean – The Best Herbal Appetite Suppressant Supplement


Leanbean is a reasonably priced, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, herbal appetite suppressant that can help you control hunger pangs, stick to a healthy diet, and lose weight. Like Hourglass Fit, this natural appetite suppressant supplement was designed for the female body but can be used by men as well.

The Leanbean diet pills contain vitamin B6, vitamin B12, glucomannan, green coffee bean extract, choline, potassium chloride, and acai berry extract.

Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and glucomannan have all been seen in the other OTC appetite suppressants that we have looked at, and they are again used for their appetite-suppressing, nutrient absorbing, and health-boosting effects to ensure that you enjoy safe, healthy body weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract contains natural caffeine, antioxidants, and chlorogenic acid. It can boost energy production and weight loss, reduce inflammation, carbohydrate absorption, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, prevent fat storage, and improve metabolism.

Choline is a nutrient similar to many B vitamins and amino acids, which can improve muscular contractions and focus and reduce inflammation. This will enable you to train harder, lose weight faster, build lean muscle mass, and burn fat to overhaul your body composition.

Potassium chloride is a compound made of the mineral potassium and the electrolyte chloride. It can improve your blood pressure and energy levels, workout performance, fitness, mood, cell, gut, immune system and organ health and functions, and ability to lose weight.

Acai berry extract may promote body fat and weight loss, reduce inflammation, swelling, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, boost the health and functions of the immune system, treat various illnesses and diseases, and keep your body generally healthy.

There are, unfortunately, a couple of issues with the Leanbean diet pills that we do have to mention.

Not only will it not aid fat or weight loss directly as well as some of the other non-prescription appetite suppressants we have seen, but its appetite-suppressing effects are not as potent, and some of its ingredients need more research to prove they are helpful in appetite suppressants or weight loss pills.

These issues aside, though, if you are looking for non-prescription appetite suppressants or natural weight loss supplements that are available on a budget and can aid weight loss and help control sugar cravings, Leanbean is still one of the best OTC appetite suppressants for you to try.


  • One of the cheapest OTC appetite suppressants or weight loss pills on the market
  • It can boost your metabolism, recovery time, blood pressure and energy levels, and weight loss.
  • It contains only natural ingredients, with no gluten or animal products


  • Some of the ingredients need more proof they are helpful in hunger suppressants or diet pills.
  • It will not boost weight loss and some of the other natural appetite suppressants we have seen.
  • There have been complaints about bloating and stomach pain that made it impossible to exercise.
  • Can only be purchased directly from the official Leanbean website

Olly Metabolism Gummies – The Best Gummy Appetite Suppressant


Olly Metabolism Gummies are an appetite suppressant and fat burner supplement that is perfect for people who can’t use traditional non-prescription diet pills due to not liking or being able to swallow pills. This is because its apple-flavored gummy form is designed to be chewed and enjoyable.

Olly Metabolism Gummies use a formula that consists of chromium picolinate, apple cider vinegar with the mother, and vitamin B12. We have seen vitamin B12 in other natural appetite suppressants that we have looked at, and it will again aid your weight loss and health in the same ways it did before.

Chromium picolinate is a compound consisting of chromium, which we saw earlier, and picolinic acid.

When combined with chromium picolinate, they will boost metabolism, energy, and serotonin levels, insulin sensitivity, hunger, and blood sugar control, muscle and brain health and functions, sleep quality, and weight loss and management, and they work better in diet pills than either would do on its own.

Apple cider vinegar with the mother is a pure form of concentrated apple cider vinegar. It can help to prevent blood sugar spikes, improve lipid metabolism and levels, combat diabetes, suppress appetite, promote weight loss, support muscle mass, and keep the digestive system healthy and functioning.

There are a few issues with Olly Metabolism Gummies we do have to discuss, though. While the doses of chromium picolinate and vitamin B12 used need to be a bit higher to produce their optimal effects, apple cider vinegar is a little intense. It could cause side effects and is not proven to boost weight loss.

Despite that, though, if you are looking for reasonably priced hunger suppressants to try and accelerate your weight loss journey and either can’t or don’t like taking an appetite suppressant pills, Olly Metabolism Gummies are an excellent option to try, as they will help you lose weight and control hunger to some degree.


  • Free from gluten and any synthetic flavors or colors
  • A very reasonably priced appetite suppressant
  • It is ideal for people who have issues swallowing regular appetite-suppressing diet pills.


  • All ingredient dosages are higher or lower than in the best appetite-suppressant supplements.
  • It contains a large number of additives
  • It requires a lot of chewing to be swallowed safely

Now Foods Glucomannan – The Best Budget Appetite Suppressant Pills


Now Foods Glucomannan is designed as an appetite suppressant diet pill that focuses only on curbing your appetite and food cravings to help you lose weight fast. It contains only 1,725 mg of pure glucomannan, which we have seen in other OTC appetite suppressants that will boost weight loss and hunger control.

It works in precisely the same way that we have seen repeatedly in other natural appetite suppressant supplements on our list. It will fill you up physically, prevent cravings and overeating, and improve digestion, which will help you control your food intake, accelerate your weight loss, and avoid fat storage.

Some issues with Now Foods Glucomannan do need to be pointed out, though, as using only a single ingredient can only boost weight loss in one way. At the same time, the dose present is also a bit lower than what you will find in the very best natural appetite suppressant supplements on our list.

However, if you are looking at taking appetite suppressants to boost your weight loss and are shopping on a very tight budget and want one that uses an ingredient that is conclusively proven to work, Now Foods Glucomannan is still one of the very best non-prescription appetite suppressants for you to try.


  • It contains only pure konjac root extract, one of the most effective appetite suppressants.
  • One of the lowest-priced non-prescription appetite suppressants
  • Can combat high blood sugar levels, constipation, and poor digestion and sleep quality


  • Not a suitable appetite suppressant for vegetarians
  • The glucomannan dosage is lower than you will find in the very best non-prescription appetite suppressants
  • Using only one ingredient means it won’t produce as many effects as other non-prescription weight loss medications

EstroCare – The Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements for Women Over 50


EstroCare is formulated as a menopause and postmenopause supplement, meaning one of its core functions is to tackle issues caused by hormone changes, one of which is, of course, appetite. It also happens to contain a host of ingredients that help with other issues around this time of life, but with a good dose of 5HTP, along with chromium and the hormonal balancing ginseng, we have something here that is off to a good start.

Add vitamin D, Bs, and a few others shown to help restrain appetite, and we’re doing even better.

Then we get onto the hormone balancing aspect, where cohosh, red clover, and DHEA come in, and you’ve got something that will stop your appetite from going haywire during this time of life and help you stay on track.


  • By far the best in its class for specific weight loss
  • Good all-round supplement


  • It is only for women

Final Thoughts On The 7 Best Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplements

Taking appetite suppressants is a great way to keep cravings at bay and lose weight quickly and safely. There are several great appetite-suppressing supplements on the market to boost weight loss, although the best appetite-suppressant pill for most people will be Instant Knockout Cut.

Packed full of optimal doses of potent weight loss ingredients, combining the effects of fat burner and appetite suppressant supplements allows it to help you keep your cravings in check while also helping you enjoy significantly enhanced weight loss directly. This is all while being safe and side-effect-free.

If they don’t sound like the right non-prescription diet pills for you, one of the other picks on our list of the best appetite-suppressing supplements surely will. For everyone else, though, we highly recommend that you give Instant Knockout Cut a try and see how it can support weight loss for yourself.


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