Issaquah Reporter Business Briefs | Sept. 12

Chamber CEO leaves; Xeriton names Brad Furber CEO

Chamber CEO leaves

The Issaquah Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has announced that CEO Shari Carter has left, effective immediately.

Despite the absence of Carter, the Chamber says that they will focus on the upcoming Salmon Days celebration.

Salmon Days is the major fundraiser for the Chamber as well as 60 other non-profit organizations.

Xeriton names Brad Furber CEO

Sammamish-based Xeriton Corporation announced it has appointed Brad Furber as CEO, according to a recent press release. Furber replaced founder Dave Plummer, who retired from the software publishing, e-commerce and Internet marketing company.

Furber joined Xeriton in 2005, and previously spent more than 15 years working with entrepreneurs to launch, finance and help build business ventures. He has been a lawyer, board member, entrepreneur and investor for ventures such as Classmates Online, Aris Corporation, Jones Soda,, CallVision, Noetix and Revenue Science.

He also co-founded and served on the executive committee of Van Valkenberg Furber Law Group PLLC, a boutique Seattle-based business law firm, and has received recognition over the years as a business leader. Xeriton most recently launched a new social commentary web site called WikiTalk (