Issaquah’s first brewery and beer garden specializes in lagers – with love for IPAs

Formula Brewing also offers food including wings, pizza, Bavarian pretzels and salad.

By Hannah Saunders, For the Issaquah Reporter

Danny Bohm, Jacob Zuchowski, and Brandon Bates opened Formula Brewing during the height of the pandemic when they noticed something lacking in Issaquah: breweries and beer gardens.

The brewery’s owners, whose taproom is fed by Issaquah’s groundwater, take pride in manufacturing their products.

“In 2018 is really when the concept was born,” Bohm said. “It was really bringing about the trifecta to the people here in Issaquah of a brewery, taproom and beer garden, and all three were really important as part of the experience.”

Bohm has lived in Issaquah for over 10 years and was well aware of the types of establishments that are present. In April 2020, Formula Brewing opened its doors to the public.

“Elsewhere in the state and the country, sure the concept exists, but here specifically in Issaquah, there was no such thing,” Bohm said. “We wanted to shatter that experience with something more fluid, appropriate, and inclusive with small or large groups, dogs, kids.”

Zuchowski is the head brewer with a master’s degree in fermentation from UC Davis. Zuchowski has brewed over 60 styles before he conducted a repeat, Bohm said, and Formula Brewing processes over 100 batches of beer — a dozen of which are repeats.

“We brew a full range of beers trying to hit a wide variety of styles,” Bohm said. “Our system is optimized for lagers. It’s where we can go the extra mile and more true to style — true to its European roots is where it’s satisfying to us.”

Bohm’s current favorite brew is the citron IPA because it’s the most impactful to him, but he said it’ll probably change within the next few weeks. Due to customer demand, they had to brew additional batches of the Low End Bloom Hazy IPA, the Mexican Lager, and the Czech Pilsner.

Formula Brewing also offers food including wings, pizza, Bavarian pretzels and salad. Bohm said the brewery sees a good number of individuals who participate in running clubs, bike clubs and car clubs.

“We’ve attracted older customers who are like, ‘I haven’t been out in forever, but I feel comfortable and safe here,’” Bohm said. “Our beer garden is quite conducive to healthy gatherings in this environment.”

The tents at Formula Brewing don’t have walls, which makes them more COVID-19 friendly due to greater air circulation, he said. Children and dogs can be seen running around and playing on the property.

“That was important to us. To always be as inclusive as possible. It’s about togetherness,” Bohm said.

Bohm said they have more styles and hops to explore in their American made brewhouse, which is customized and designed for lagers while also satisfying the Pacific Northwestern craving for IPAs.

“We’re certainly proud to be able to give back, at least me as a resident, to the community — add an experience to a town that already has a lot,” Bohm said. “So many times I’ve heard, ‘Thank you for doing this. We needed this.’”

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