New platform, Citizen Mint, helps investors generate positive community impacts

Since its formation, Citizen Mint has found an office space in the City of Bellevue.

Marshall Dunford and Issaquah resident Josh Hile announced the formation of Citizen Mint, a new investing platform designed to assist investors with the generation of financial returns, as well as creating positive societal and environmental impacts.

Since the firm’s formation, Citizen Mint has found an office space in the City of Bellevue.

“The demand for investments, especially among Gen X and Millennials, that align financial resources with personal interests and values simply isn’t being met in today’s market,” said Hile. “We started Citizen Mint to provide a new pathway for investors to participate in private market projects that create financial returns while having a direct positive impact on the world.”

Hile will serve as Citizen Mint’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer. Prior to the formation of Citizen Mint, Hile held investment and leadership positions at Russell Investments; Hile most recently acted as the director of investment strategy and research at Laird Norton Wealth Management.

Marshall Dunford. Courtesy of Citizen Mint.

Marshall Dunford. Courtesy of Citizen Mint.

Dunford will serve as Citizen Mint’s Chief Technology Officer. Dunford has previously worked as a software engineer throughout numerous industries where he has built new products and led initiatives to increase scalability and security.

“Our research tells us there is a critical divide between how emerging investors want to invest and the options available to them,” said Hile. “With Citizen Mint, we’re bridging that gap by making it easier for more people to get involved in private market investments that have positive societal and environmental impacts while delivering financial returns.”

Each investment on the Citizen Mint platform is handpicked and researched by the team for its potential to provide positive impact and financial return. The platform will use a proprietary process to source and conduct due diligence on high value investment opportunities.

Citizen Mint will offer an easy to use interface which allows investors to select specific projects and interest areas, and will also allow for investors to monitor the impact and performance of investments.

“At Citizen Mint, we’re committed to creating positive change in the world by increasing access to impact investing,” said Hile.

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