Do something to remove Trump | Letter

This is an open letter to Rep. Dave Riechert. Are you planning to wait until the president talks us into a nuclear exchange with North Korea before admitting that the man occupying the Oval Office is both ignorant and incompetent? You do know that, don’t you? A man who feels he must threaten North Korea with “fire and fury” is a man who has demonstrated, yet again, he has neither the intelligence nor the temperament to lead this country.

My wife and I are just voices crying in the wilderness, but you have a position in a legislative body that could effect change. Surely you must see what damage he has already done internationally and realize how much graver conditions could become. As we write this, Mr. Trump has been in office only 201 days — 13.7 percent of his term. Shall we wait until all the wheels come off?

Impeachment is unrealistic given the Republican House and Senate, therefore we suggest you advocate implementing the 25th amendment. Thousands of mental health professionals would line up at the Congressional doors to testify about Trump’s lack of fitness for the presidency.

You already understand this. That’s why we would like you to do something on behalf of all Americans — regardless of party — to remove a president who is truly a clear and present danger. We need your courage.

John R. Scannell, Wendy L. Kelling