Economical way to drive an electric car

Every two-car family should make one of their cars an all-electric Nissan Leaf for local driving. Especially now, because a used Leaf can cost as little as $8,000 (as found on Craigslist), and there are no costs for gasoline or oil changes.

Moreover, there is no radiator, so no engine overheating or antifreeze. Electric power costs are almost not noticeable compared to the cost and smell of gasoline. New batteries are available for about $6,000 after trade-in of the old battery.

That would be the most expensive repair required for a used car, but it probably would be unnecessary because individual cells can be replaced in the original battery. If you only drive locally and electrically charge at night, the 110 volt charger that comes with the car is sufficient for reaching a full charge in the morning.

I’ve had my Nissan Leaf for five years now and it is by far the most fun car to drive that I have ever had. It really feels like an amusement park ride because of the electric motor, which is not much different than the motor for your ceiling fan, just bigger with more control. Many more Nissan Leafs are being seen around Sammamish and Issaquah lately. It is a good time to kick some of your fossil fuel use and help the planet stay cooler.

S. D. Dahlgren