Gorsuch nomination must be filibustered | Letter

Senate Democrats must hold together and filibuster Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court.

Judge Gorsuch is a sharp legal mind and folksy demeanor that masks an extremist philosophy that hurts Americans. He ruled that it was appropriate to fire a driver for leaving his truck in subzero weather rather than freeze to death. When a man was killed from behind by a close-range Taser shot to the head, Gorsuch saw no grounds to allow a wrongful death suit. He opposed the rights of autistic children to receive proper special ed.

Last year, Senate Republicans set the precedent of blocking consideration of a SCOTUS nominee without regard for qualifications. Just five months ago, Republican Senators (McCain, Burr, Cruz) bragged that if Secretary Clinton won, they would block all judicial nominations for four years. In the age of Trump, the time to let these radicals trample the Constitution and Senate traditions without fighting back in kind is over. Protecting future generations of Americans, demands that Gorsuch and other nominees of his ilk be filibustered.

Joshua Trupin

North Bend