Hate crimes are rising | Letter

President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders remind me of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order against Japanese Americans during World War II in spite of them being American citizens. They were taken away and were put in camps.

This time, legal permanent residents were excluded from the entry ban, but we don’t feel so peaceful about this. I am Japanese with a green card. Even though Japan is not one of the six restricted countries, I am worried the immigration officer may stop us if we re-enter this country if Trump decides to hate Japan.

It must be awful for those people from the six countries; their homeland is here, their family is here and their lives are here.

Recently, a Sikh man in Kent was cleaning his car in his driveway and he was shot. He is a legal permanent resident. The gunman was shouting at him, saying, “Get out of our country, go back to where you are from.”

Is this right? These days, hate speech and hate crimes are rising. I am concerned if our children hear racial and religious discrimination comments by the president and other adults, innocent children think that it is OK. Are we supposed to be a good model to our children? If we carry hatred, they will carry it also. They learn from us.

Why do some nations and religions have to be hated? We should walk in a different path in the light, not walk the wrong historical path in the darkness.

Kimiko Hihara