Highlanders raise up

Today I am full of pride and disappointment.

Today I am full of pride and disappointment.

On Monday the Issaquah City Council held a meeting to vote on the TDR transaction swapping land on one side of Issaquah for the beautiful “green” space of Issaquah Highlands.

Between 40 and 50 of my neighbors attended to protest this land exchange. I am extremely pleased and proud of my neighbors that rallied together to ask questions and make bold statements against or in question of this exchange. It proves that we are a community!

However, the one member of the council that actually lives in our community doesn’t seem to realize that he represents us. Instead, I have a sinking feeling he represents Port Blakely, as he voted for this transaction knowing that the community doesn’t support it in full.

Judd Kirk continues to validate the unwarranted and unplanned changes with his daughter’s happiness with the neighborhood, yet he doesn’t live here himself. How can he speak on our behalf?

It seems the city and Port Blakely have not taken into consideration the possibility of overcrowding our schools and resources by adding another 900 units into our community, the congestion of roads and the depletion of green space. The most positive outcome of this is the revenues that it will generate for Port Blakely and the City of Issaquah.

Thumbs up to my neighbors for standing up and speaking loud. Thumbs down to our City Council members and Port Blakely.

Molly Bell