Is dangerous traffic flow Issaquah’s claim to fame? | Letter

Is the city aware of the Highlands’ street design and dangerous traffic flow?

Is the city of Issaquah aware of the Highlands’ street design and dangerous traffic flow? Now that I have become an accident statistic, I want to emphasize the urgency of this situation. In a letter to the editor last April, Mr. Donnelly stated: Every day the streets of the Issaquah Highlands are filled with vehicles traveling in excess of the posted speed limits. Many of these cars pass one another with just inches to spare on streets that allow parking on both sides. The parked cars limit the line of sight onto busy sidewalks, and excess speed inhibits the ability of passing cars to stop in time. This is a recipe for tragedy in a neighborhood with so many small children.

While the main road is not plagued with the hazards of small kids, it is still a congested area with vehicles and pedestrians. Add to that inclement weather and night driving, the conditions are ripe for trouble. On the night of Nov. 13, 2017 as I was returning home from a weekly Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra rehearsal at about 9:30 pm, I was driving slowly because fierce winds had earlier blown down huge branches and debris. The rain was coming down and the wet streets reflected a myriad of signal lights, shop signs and vehicle lights such that I never saw the red stoplight. At the next moment, I spun 90 degrees uphill, although fairly safe inside my GMC Safari. Later whenever I travel that direction, I wonder how fast that sedan was travelling to broadside me with such impact in this one lane throughway.

In speaking with personal friends that live in that area, I learned that the intersections at Federal and Park can comprise a daily accident report. One gal said she saw a car flip over at the site of my accident. Is this the type of fame that Issaquah wants to claim? I certainly hope that the city or traffic commission responsible will study and correct this statistical nightmare in the Issaquah Highlands. Meanwhile it is the accident victims that must contend with the reality of such tenuous traffic conditions as I have spent the past three months seeking various medical treatments to alleviate the pain and internal damage caused by that dreadful moment.

Wendy Eng Yee