Issaquah Community Services reaches fundraising goal, thanks community | Letter

On behalf of Issaquah Community Services and all of our volunteers, we give you our heartfelt thank you to the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter and all of your readers who donated to the annual Merry Christmas fundraiser. We are so grateful for the collective generous donation of this community in helping us raise $101,000.

We acknowledge there are many wonderful local charities requesting donations during the holiday season, and you chose to help support Issaquah Community Services. With the donations raised, we will be able to continue providing emergency financial assistance to families and individuals living in the Issaquah School District that cannot meet their basic needs due to circumstances beyond their control. Having a roof over one’s head, running water, lights and a warm home can now be possible for more of our local families.

In addition to the residents of Issaquah and Sammamish who opened their hearts and wallets, we would like to recognize the hard-working team at the Reporter, William Shaw, Carrie Rodriguez and Nicole Jennings. Without your help and support reaching out to the community, our ability to raise funds would be costly and time consuming. With your help and support, we are able to focus all of our volunteer time on serving the less fortunate. Through your articles and stories, we were able to reach out and let the public know who we are and the need for donations in order to help our neighbors stay in their homes. Thank you again for your generosity and time.

Lori Birrell

Issaquah Community Services President