Letter of Concern from Faith Leaders | Letter

We speak as faith community leaders who believe that the moral compass of our nation is moving in a troubling direction. The legislation introduced by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans guts the Affordable Care Act and defunds Planned Parenthood and goes against the will and voice of the people. These attacks on basic health care for women and families punish the weak and vulnerable and at the same time reward the rich and powerful. This is contradictory to the teachings of all faiths. As clergy and lay leaders, we stand together and state loudly and clearly that we oppose these harmful attacks that would deny women, men and young people preventive care for their basic reproductive health needs. In our state alone, more than 100,000 patients would lose their ability to access a Planned Parenthood health center for such preventive care as birth control and cancer screenings. Hundreds of thousands more would lose basic health insurance now provided throug h the ACA under this new legislation being rushed through Congress without listening to the concerns of their constituents. Representatives Reichert, McMorris-Rogers and others in Congress should move away from this merciless plan and find a compassionate alternative that meets the needs of communities here in Washington and across the country.

Prayerfully submitted by these 75 Faith Leaders,

Rev. Vincent J. Lachina

Rev. Laura Shennum

Rev. Eric Kaminetzky

Rev. Emily Melcher

Rev. Jan Shannon

Laura E. Herman, Lay Leader

Rev. Bethany Hull Somers

Rev. Barbara Gilday

Rev. Cara Tanis

Rev. Dick Cathell

Rev. Lisa Cornwell

Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen

Rev. Kristen Kuempel

Rabbi Allison Flash

Andrea Asebedo

Rabbi David Lipper

Rev. Debra L. Conklin

Rev. Kathy Hartgraves

Rev. Heidi Fish

Rev. Silvana Korgsrud

Rev. Karen Kulm

Rev. Cecilia Kingman

Rev. Shelly Fayette

Rev. Matt Aspin

Rev. David Weasley

Rev. Barbara Davenport

Rabbi Zari Weiss

Rev. Tom Tucker

Rev. Beth Purdum Eden

Rev. Cody Natland

Rev. Tamalyn Kralman

Rev. Ken Jones

Rev. Dr. Dee Eisenhauer

Rev. Dr. Tammy Stampfli

Rev. Cheryl Rohret

Rev. Seth Novak

Rev. Robin Biffle

Rev. Becky Withington

Rev. Joy Haertig

Rev. William Graves

Rev. Carol McKinley

Bishop B. Kirby Unti

Rev. Terry B. Hall

Rabbi Aaron Meyer

Rev. Nancy Gowler Johnson

Rabbi Janine Schloss

Rev. Tim Devine

Rosemary Stevens, Lay Leader

Rev. Jon Luopa

Rev. Janet Matthews

Rev. Stephen Johnson

Rabbi Bruce Kadden

Rev. Phyllis Todd

Rev. Homer Todd

Rabbi Seth Goldstein

Miriam Kerzner, Lay Leader

Rev. Dr. Miriam Stewart

Rev. Steve Coleman

Rev. Paul Beckel

Rabbi Daniel Weiner

Rev. Sharon L. Moe

Rev. Gary Shoemaker

Rev. Denise Neuschwander

Cheryl Neihaus, Lay Leader

Michael Neihaus, Lay Leader

Rev. William Poores

Rev. Sandy Cheatham

Rev. Andrea CastroLang

Rev. Tor Kristian Berg

Rev. Tim Phillips

Rev. Jamie Kepros

Rev. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown

Rev. Kate LePard

Rev. Cindy Salo

Rev. Elaine Peresluha