Letter to the Editor, July 12, 2019

New city tax?

Questioning city tax plans

Have you ever been to a restaurant where halfway through your meal, you were asked to pay more so that food could be purchased for the next round of customers?

That’s what our Issaquah City Council is doing with the taxes being contemplated under the Transportation Benefit District.

Never mind their accounting has not passed muster for compliance audits in at least three consecutive years, somehow us taxpayers are supposed to trust that money is going to go for needed projects. Perhaps like the Providence Point alignment — a decade overdue — we should be forgiving (is there another word?) and just hand over more money for road projects that growth should have been paying for up front, along with schools and other municipal facilities, like the new $50 million City Hall being planned.

Wow — I had no idea I was being asked to pay for future food and a new restaurant.

Bryan Weinstein