Letter to the Editor, Oct. 18, 2019


Opposing I-976

Vote “No” on I-976.

Tim Eyman, the man who has never seen a tax he didn’t want to oppose, said in a recent op-ed, “I-976 gets rid of dishonest vehicle taxes, repeals artificially inflated vehicle valuations, and sets license tabs to a flat, fair and reasonable $30 per year for your car, truck, motorcycle, motor home and other vehicles.”

Here’s what Eyman didn’t tell you. That “flat, fair, and reasonable $30 per year” for tabs condemns all Washingtonians — whether we drive our own vehicles or use mass transit — to hazardous and unsafe driving conditions. Maintenance of our roads and bridges throughout the state, as well as maintaining, and even expanding, our mass transit options in increasingly dense urban environments must be a top funding priority.

Worse, Tim Eyman’s I-976 proposes no solution. Approving I-976 abandons many mass transit riders, and leaves us all with increasingly dangerous roads, failing bridges, and no solution to create a safe, well-maintained travel environment. I choose safety over danger. I hope you will, too.

I-976 is not a solution. Vote “No” on I-976.

John Scannell