Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22, 2019

I-1000; snow

Don’t emphasize race

Initiative-1000 takes the shortcut to diversity, which in my mind dooms to fail. It only promotes what “looks to be different” like race or sexual orientation but ignores the heart of the diversity — different ideas and opinions. Our civilization advances on the sparks of different ideas, not the different races. On the other hand, overly emphasis on race demotes the hard-working people from their skin color, which hurts the foundation of our society. In short although I-1000 might start with good intention, I think it goes the wrong direction and is attacking the strawman.

Jason Hong


Snow response lacking

The city of Issaquah gets an F when it comes to maintaining and clearing the city’s roads of snow after the recent snowstorm. Hoping that the sun will melt the accumulated snow and ice is not a plan and is doomed to failure. There are many locations that get little, if any, sunshine. Because of this many major primary and secondary roads throughout the city have large sections covered with compacted snow that turned to ice well into the week.

If the city doesn’t want to invest in the necessary road clearing equipment and supplies then they at least should see if there is a company they can contract with to clear and maintain the streets after a snowstorm.

Robert Oberlander