Letters to the Editor, May 24, 2019

Inslee; kudos

Inslee is good choice

Why am I voting for Jay Inslee for president? Easy. His political priority is global climate change. a priority that embraces jobs and the economy — key domestic policies that matter to everyone — in ways that amply demonstrate he is an artful, intelligent survivalist.

Survival, and finding way to help our country — and the world — thrive while we develop the best technologies to survive, is Inslee’s number-one priority. It’s mine as well because I have children and grandchildren and I want the Earth to be a welcoming home for them, too. This priority ought to be everyone’s.

White it’s true that he’s neither the best known nor the most charismatic candidate in a crowded Democratic field, he is the person who knows that nothing else matters if our home — the planet Earth — becomes unlivable. Most persuasive of all, Jay Inslee is the candidate who is saying clearly and simply: First things first.

He deserves your vote, too.

John Scannell


Good reporting

Ashley Hiruko’s detailed story (“Susan’s quest for justice and the civil legal system dilemma”) in your May 17 edition deserves a huge “thank you.”

This is the type of reporting that opens our eyes to things that aren’t always covered by a lot of other media. While it’s not easy to read a painful story like this, it’s an important reminder that people without language skills or money can be victims of a legal system that isn’t exactly user friendly. In fact, once you’re trapped in the bureaucracy and medical providers miss a key diagnosis, life can turn upside down pretty quickly. And the fact that this can happen in the middle of a rather affluent society should give us all pause.

Sam Reid


Shedding light

I was quite taken by the article “Susan’s quest for justice, the civil legal system dilemma” which appeared in the Reporter on May 17.

It was an eye opener to our civil legal system for low-income citizens. My hope is that this sheds light on their plight and much more needed legal aid will come form our legislators.

Judith Carpenter