Letters to the Editor, Sept. 28

Letters to the Editor from the Sept. 28 issue

Rossi or Dr. Schrier?

1. Our esteemed (Republican) King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg stood up to Trump; he joined the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to help fight the attacks on our democratic institutions and rule of law. Congressman (Republican and former King County sheriff) Dave Reichert refused to support Trump, stating he found Trump’s treatment of women inexcusable. Even Chris Vance, former Washington State Republican Party chair, refused to support Trump, and also joined the ACLU to help protect our civil liberties. What did 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Dino Rossi do? Rossi was not an innocent bystander in 2016 — he voluntarily served as a delegate for Trump. Rossi is no moderate. He only plays one in TV commercials.

Where was 8th Congressional District Democratic candidate Dr. Kim Schrier in 2016? She was taking care of our kids. She fought to protect citizens who had pre-existing medical conditions. Had Rossi been in Congress, he would have taken that protection away.

2. Rossi would impose his religious views on our families. As a Christian, I have strong religious beliefs. I want to preserve my rights and the rights of my daughters to make choices that are guided by our consciences, not Rossi’s. This is called liberty. Liberty is what we do in America.

What does Dr. Kim Schrier believe? She respects me and my daughters and will fight to protect our liberty.

3. Sending Rossi to Congress is sending the fox to guard the hen house. In his book “If You Can Keep It,” Christian author Eric Metaxas argues that America, with its strength, wealth, power and influence, can never be defeated by an enemy outside its borders. The only thing that could destroy America is itself. Hitler and his Nazis were pros at displays of superficial patriotism that included flags, military parades, and “Make Germany Great Again”-style campaigns. Today in the U.S., meaningful acts of patriotism are often ignored. Patriotism is less about standing or kneeling at a ballgame, and more about taking care of our neighbors, respecting the views and differences of others, providing health care and education for our children and protecting our kids from violence. Patriotism also includes the protection of our democratic institutions and values, including an independent judiciary, the rule of law, individual liberties, checks and balances, and above all-the protection of and the exercise of the right to vote.

America is committing suicide when it allows self-interested, narrsistic leaders to focus on hate and fear rather than unity and compassion. America is committing suicide when it allows its leaders to behave as if they are above the law. America is committing suicide when its citizens, whose ancestors died for the right, do not vote. America is committing suicide when its leaders disrespect our democracy by gerrymandering voting districts to meet their own selfish partisan interests. America is committing suicide by electing leaders who are not fit role models for our children.

The only way voters can stop America’s suicide is to vote in November. Vote to send someone to Washington, D.C., who will help protect our democracy, be a good role model for our kids, stand up to dictators, and provide the checks and balances our country needs to survive and thrive. Vote for Dr. Kim Schrier for Congress and help stop America’s bleeding.

Deborah Bellam


A vote for Rossi

As I was reading your newspaper, I turned to the editorial page and thought I was reading the New York Times and the Washington Post — two liberal rags. Not one opinion piece was for U.S. District 8 candidate Dino Rossi, all for the Doc. (candidate Dr. Kim Schrier).

We do not need anymore Democrats running this state. We already have two rubber-stamp senators pushing the liberal agenda.We have a governor who’s an embarrassment every time he speaks, and a Democratic Seattle city council. All Democrats that have turned that city into a cesspool.

And to the gentleman who thinks the Republicans are running negative ads, what TV are you watching? Are you missing all the ads that the Democratic committee is running and distorting Dino Rossi positions?

I will vote for Dino. We do not need another liberal representing us.

Fred Caponigro