Record shows how Rep. Reichert would vote | Letter

Congressman Reichert may feel that he dodged a bullet by not having to vote on AHCA. He now refuses to say how he would have voted if the bill came up for vote. Sorry Congressman! Your attempt at obfuscation will not work. We already have documented evidence of your support for AHCA.

AHCA had to clear three congressional committees before being considered for a floor vote, Ways and Means being one of them. As a senior member of this committee Reichert happily signed off on an earlier version of AHCA. All we need to do is to look at the language of the version that cleared Ways and Means to know exactly where he stands.

Congressman Reichert, we have, shall we say, your “fingerprints” of support for AHCA on record. The voters of 8th CD will not forget.

Sankar Ray