Release of Trump’s tax returns would answer our questions | Letter

Congressman Reichert ought to know that no one can hide criminal activity behind the right of privacy. Make Trump’s tax returns public.

It is public knowledge that Trump has several conflicts of interest and is possibly in violation of the emoluments clause. What are the extent of his conflicts?

According to a 3/13/2017 article in the New Yorker, it now appears that Trump’s never-completed hotel project in Bacu, Azerbaijan may have violated both U.S. sanctions against Iran and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The project is believed to have been a money laundering scheme for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Were the profits from this project reported to the IRS?

Now Trump wants to eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). His publicly disclosed 2005 tax return shows that without the AMT he would have saved over $30 million. How does eliminating the AMT benefit him as opposed to ordinary Americans?

His tax returns would answer these questions.

Peter Bullard