Sammamish should reconsider development regulations | Letter

The city of Sammamish needs to rethink its residential development system.

For the past five to 10 years, Sammamish has grown up a lot, especially residentially, but the recent residential development consists of ugly, cracker box-style houses, with none of the old, beautiful trees that the Pacific Northwest is known for.

While regulations to keep the same number of trees on the property are in place, the tiny, scraggly, lame-looking trees can’t compare to the majesty of our towering Douglas firs, hemlocks and cedars.

These old trees give Sammamish a connection to its past, but also its future. They provide outdoor space for kids to play, ensure that we have a diversity of animal and plant species, and are simply nice to look at.

I encourage the city of Sammamish to reconsider its regulations of development, to allow more native trees to remain on each lot.

Weston Kennedy