Show us Trump’s tax returns, Rep. Reichert | Letter

“The biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country,” so proclaimed Mnuchin about the tax proposal from the Trump administration. Who can quibble with that? Don’t we all deserve it?

There is just one small problem.

Setting aside the blatant hypocrisy involved in Republicans proposing a massive increase in the national debt, a critical piece of information necessary for evaluating the merits of this proposal is clarification of the major beneficiaries. Specifically, how do the proponents, Donald Trump and his cabinet full of Wall Street bankers, benefit? No way to answer that question without reviewing Trump’s tax returns.

Congressman Reichert, the House Ways and Means Committee, of which you are a senior member, has the legal authority to review Trump’s tax returns to ensure deconfliction. In 1974 this law was used to unseal Nixon’s tax records.

In 2014 the Ways and Means Committee used it to release confidential tax information while investigating the IRS’s handling of applicants for non-profit status.

Clearly you are well versed in this law and not averse to its enforcement. We need you to take action now.

Sankar Ray