Support residents who want to keep their home

It was very heartwrenching to read the story of the Albrechts and their home that they hope to save in the Town Center.

It was very heartwrenching to read the story of the Albrechts and their home that they hope to save in the Town Center.

One quality that Sammamish often espouses to have is a “community feel,” where people care about each other. Although there is development, I often am under the impression that the planners are also trying to balance the needs of the environment and people with the future.

It sounds like the Albrechts and other residents near the Town Center have gone to many meetings and have spoken about what they would like to see happen. Now, it is up to the city of Sammamish to show these residents that they are also an important part of our city. We need to take the people into account instead of just buildings and profits.

Please, City Council and Planning Commission: This couple has lived here longer than has lived here longer than most of us, and I bet longer than most of you! They have been responsible, contributing citizens, have raised three children and are hardworking seniors. We need to respect their home and their needs not only because they are now seniors and deserve our appreciation, but because they are what is important in a town.

They are more important than the ambience, the money and the prestige that a new Town Center will bring. They are most important because they are the people of this town, and it sounds like they are pretty special. I bet the other residents nearby are just as special.

I know there is the saying that “You can’t stand in the way of progress,” but I would hope Sammamish would try to be different. I hope the Planning Commission and City Council read the article about the Albrechts and take a step back to really think about what is good for the people who have been living their lives near the future Town Center all these years.

I can’t help but wonder that if a City Councilmember or a Planning Commissioner had a house nearby, that the plans would most likely be changed so that their home could be saved. Are we really going to force the Albrechts to move out of their beloved home, to leave the rhododendron that they planted for their deceased son, and tear down their large tree all for the sake of progress?? How can any of us enjoy the Town Center if this is what we are going to need to do to create it?

My heart goes out to the Albrechts, and I ask that other citizens write in to the newspaper and city council to help support them. I also hope the Reporter will keep us updated on this issue as the planning meetings continue.

-Denise Darnell