Time to stand up for each other | Letter

I must take exception to Larry Brickman’s letter (“Time for Congress to Grow Up,” published March 3.) I wholeheartedly agree that “divided we fall,” but to me that means it is time to stand up for each other and for the newly-vulnerable members of our community.

Given President Trump’s efforts to divide us by race, religion and politics into inner cities and Real America, immigrants and people who were born here, believers in facts and “alternative facts,” Democrats and Republicans, we must stand united as Americans. We must speak out against racism, bigotry, travel bans, random deportations, harassment of travelers at the border, desecration of Jewish cemeteries, vandalism of mosques and violence against Sikhs. We must protect those about to lose their health insurance. We must investigate interference in our national affairs by Russia.

Serving as president is an honor, not a business opportunity, and we must demand President Trump release his tax returns now and throughout his term in office to show that he understands this. It is a fundamental American value that we all are created equal. No one is above another nor so low that they are unworthy of protection. Our liberty and prosperity are meant to be shared. We all must unite to defend these values, using the checks and balances enshrined in our Constitution.

Janet Carson