Vote yes for Issaquah schools | Letter

On Feb. 13, Issaquah School District voters have the opportunity to once again support their schools by approving the Educational Programs and Operations levy on the ballot. In Issaquah, the local levy supplies approximately 15 percent of the total funds spent on our children and classrooms. This levy does not represent new taxes — it is a replacement for the levy expiring this year.

I commend the district administration and school board for recognizing that today’s young people are facing many challenges unknown to earlier generations. If passed, the levy will provide new mental health counseling services in all of our high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. As the result of rising student stress and anxiety, current school counseling services are being overwhelmed by demand. Issaquah is leading the way in addressing the impacts of long-term stress and anxiety on the academic achievement and life success of our kids. Now the voters need to step up and support them. The levy will help fund a wide array of important educational programs, technical and transportation needs, student activities and student supports. To learn more, go to Please join me in voting yes for Issaquah schools.

Barbara de Michele