Will Redmond take Sammamish back? | Letter

Most of the people on the Sammamish City Council love spending other people’s money. They are very haughty and high and mighty at every meeting I have ever attended and had no clue what liquidity and capital reserves are. When everything started down the funnel of income/expenditure, it was clear there would not be enough for future operations of Sammamish.

My most interesting observation is that most of these council members are now leaving or have already left the sinking ship. Is that surprising? I hope not. I would hope each of those responsible for the financial mismanagement of Sammamish could be held legally responsible for the mismanagement of funds and perhaps do jail time for their thievery.

Is it too late for Sammamish to recover? Should they raise taxes to make up the shortfall? Really? We want more taxes because someone spends others’ money recklessly? Curb spending? Of course!

I have a very simple solution, and it won’t cost Sammamish residents one red cent. We’ve only been an incorporated city now for 17-plus years. Before another fiscal disaster is in the books, let’s see if Redmond will take us back, and once again our neighborhood can be “Redmond’s countryside” as it once was. The new area of Klahanie could be given back to Issaquah, since most of those folks would be very glad to be done with Sammamish anyway.

To have meeting after meeting with the talking heads defending their thievery is an absolute waste of time for all of us. Shame on our City Council and those who perpetuated the incompetence and continue to do so. There’s more to government than just saying you’re a part of it. It’s a business and must be treated as such. We are sick of Sammamish.

Glenda Jackson