Celebrate Leap of Kindness Day in Issaquah

Leap of Kindness Day reminds the community to spread kindness by donating to local non-profits.

The year 2020 is special for more than beginning a new decade, 2020 is a Leap year.

Every four years the calendar gains Feb. 29, otherwise known as Leap Day. Adding one more day to February is a relatively small addition, but the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce is challenging the community to use their extra day this year to spread kindness.

Leap of Kindness Day, Feb. 29, is intended to encourage the Issaquah community to participate in spreading kindness through donating supplies, funds or volunteering time to local nonprofits.

“Leap of Kindness Day is another day designed to create a desire to support local nonprofits by simply answering the call to a small, one-time, immediate need,” said Kathy McCorry, Issaquah chamber of commerce CEO. “Since we have so many valuable organizations, this allows all of us an opportunity to make a difference without having to make a major or long term commitment.”

The Issaquah Chamber of Commerce is asking local nonprofits in the Issaquah area for specific donations ideas.

“People are always encouraged to support their favorite charities, so of course people can donate as much and to whomever they like,” McCorry said. “The purpose of Leap of Kindness Day is for nonprofits to ask for specific needs that are often overlooked or one-time needs. These may be items that someone has in their home and they no longer need or a person could go out and purchase a small number of items.”

A complete list of requested items from each nonprofit can be found online, as well as how to donate. Some examples include the following.

Friends of Lake Sammamish are in need of snack foods, two new sleeping bags, a new tent and plants for landscaping.

The Village Theatre needs multiple refrigerators, two small refrigerators and a large one. As well as a buffer chaffing set, stainless steel ice buckets and a full-size cargo van.

Athletes for Kids Youth Mentoring has requested gift cards from Office Depot and Costco.

Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank needs toiletries, size 6 diapers and cleaning supplies.

Although donating specific items solves immediate needs, many local nonprofits need donated time or money from local individuals to continue benefiting the community.

“Some of the nonprofits have asked for time commitments to volunteer with as little as four hours, once a month,” McCorry said. “Some have asked for cash donations since they exist to help make rent and utility payments.”

Issaquah Museum of History is asking for four hours of volunteered time a month.

The Downtown Issaquah Association would like residents to choose Olde Town for their next outing, supporting local small businesses.

The Old Friends Club is looking for individuals to join them for a day, once a week or schedule a time to share their talents, like music or other interests.

Issaquah Community Services has requested money to be donated, in order to assist residents that have been temporarily vacated from their homes for renovations due to winter’s inclement weather. Issaquah Community Services collects donations through P.O. Box 669, Issaquah, WA 98029 or online at www.issaquahcommunityservices.com

“We hope that this one day will remind people there is never a bad time to offer support,” McCorry said. “It also plants the seed that helping a nonprofit takes on many different looks. Our goal is to simply help connect the dots and create awareness.”

To learn more about Leap of Kindness day and how to donate please see the complete list of items to donate by visiting the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce website, clicking on the calendar tab and selecting Feb. 29.

Celebrate Leap of Kindness Day in Issaquah
Celebrate Leap of Kindness Day in Issaquah