Issaquah began old skate park removal

Community will shape how how the city uses the old space. The new skate park opened in 2017.

Issaquah began removing the old skate park outside the city’s community center now that the new park is open.

The old park, built in 1997, had been degrading when the city decided to discuss a new facility with local skaters and community members. The new skate park, opened in 2017, is now located at Tibbetts Valley Park at 965 12th Ave. NW. According to a press release, the location was selected to be more visible.

The city awarded the parks $503,328.76 contract to Seattle-based Grindline Skateparks, Inc. after a three-year development process. According to the parks and recreation department, locals had been wanting the new park since as far back as 2009.

Gridline has built community skate parks internationally, throughout the United States, Canada, Denmark and Israel. On the Eastside, Gridline built the skate park at Crossroads Park and the Highlands Skate Plaza in Bellevue and the Carnation Skate Park in Carnation.

The old skate park removal began on May 13 and had no impacts on traffic. The Issaquah parks and recreation department plans to talk further with the community to determine how the old space will be used moving forward.

Locals can review the city’s parks strategic plan online and read about future updates regarding the space online at