Super Speciosa Kratom Product Brand Review

Super Speciosa is a flagship product line of the comprehensive Kratom network, which is a leading producer in the supplement industry. The company is GMP-certified and works under the best industry standards. According to the official website, Super Speciosa adheres to all regulations the Food and Drug Administration sets.

In this Super Speciosa review, we outline everything that you need to know about the product line.

What is Super Speciosa?

Super Speciosa is one of the vendors of the Kratom Company that is currently selling online. The company consists of a team of professionals and enthusiasts from Kratom. It manages Kratom products in four sizes to suit beginners and regular users.

Besides, according to its official website, Super Speciosa runs a live calculator and blog. The calculator helps measure the concentration of mitragynine in its products, while the blog is meant to inform customers about the benefits of Kratom products. Super Speciosa products have a neat appearance, health benefits, long-lasting impact, and heavenly flavor.

The Super Speciosa strain of the Kratom product is derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa family, which comprises herbs found in Southeast Asia. Specifically, the tropical evergreen tree originates from the marshy rainforests of Central and Southern Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and other places in the Pacific Rim.

Overall, Super Speciosa is an American Kratom Association GMP-approved vendor. This Kratom strain meets the AKA standards for good manufacturing practices. According to their official website, the vendor has been perfecting reliable ways to give customers Kratom in its original form, unaltered, untouched, and uncompromised.

Here are the four Kratom products to expect from Super Speciosa:

  • Kratom Powder: The natural leaf ground into a fine mixable powder is the vendor’s bestseller.
  • Kratom Capsules: This category comprises vegan capsules to use on the go while concealing Kratom’s earthy flavor.
  • Kratom Tablets: Here, consumers can get nothing but pure Kratom leaf pressed into convenient tablets.
  • Kratom Tea Bags: These are Kratom leaf in ready-to-brew tea bags, rich in natural flavor.

Why is Super Speciosa Unique?

Super Speciosa believes that its customers deserve the best quality products and service. The company strives to give its customers just that at every step. Here are the brand specialties of Super Speciosa:

30-day Moneyback Guarantee

This policy separates Super Speciosa from other companies. Any customer unhappy with a product from the company can easily claim their funds back within 30 days. This applies to all products.

To initiate the refund process, a customer must complete an online form and receive the refund within three days after company authorization. The refund policy covers the cost of the product and the delivery fees too.

Fast Shipping

Super Speciosa offers fast shipping, according to their official website. For any order placed by 2 PM Eastern Time, the company delivers the same day, except on Sundays. The company also offers many other expedited shipping methods as the customer may prefer.

For instance, the company works with Priority Mail Express to deliver products to customers’ doorsteps using the United States Postal Service (USPS). All orders are shipped discreetly to preserve customers’ privacy. While the company doesn’t give the exact delivery dates, customers are assured of getting their orders on time.

Trusted Quality

Super Speciosa subjects all its products to the highest and strictest quality control standards available in the industry. Every batch passes thorough inspection and lab tests to eliminate impurities and contaminants. Based on this high-grade quality, many customers love Kratom products from this company.

From cultivation to manufacturing and packaging, all Kratom products from Super Speciosa pass through a series of high-quality control measures. The products are manufactured in FDA-regulated facilities under GMP standards to ensure their quality remains the best.

Affiliate Program

In addition to the highest quality observed in all products, Super Speciosa allows its customers to invite more people to earn through an affiliate program. Customers need to fill out an online form to start this program. The partners can earn a 20% commission on all referral sales upon successful registration. The company uses advanced tracking technology on all referred sales.


Super Speciosa Kratom products also boast affordable rates. The company aims to make all its products available to all members of the public who love Kratom products, even if it means sacrificing the profits.

Super Speciosa vs. Other Kratom Strains

Super Speciosa could well be the best supplier of Kratom products. Without a doubt, the company stocks all the Kratom products for the right reasons ranging from health benefits to healing powers.

This makes it the best choice among other suppliers in the industry.

Super Speciosa Products

Here are the main products to buy from Super Speciosa:

Kratom Powder


Kratom powder is among the most popular ways to prepare and consume Kratom products. Perhaps this is because the powder leaves the users with a few other options for using it. Users need to understand Kratom powder’s components before enjoying it.

Kratom powder is versatile and easy to add to a favorite drink or “toss and wash.” Besides, the powder is easy to purchase in bulk. For the best results, users need to add the powder to their favorite drinks and food to swallow it down—popularly known as the “toss and wash” method.


  • Very affordable when bought in bulk
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to mix and blend
  • Flexible
  • Cons
  • Difficult to measure
  • Less convenient
  • Can be messy

Kratom powder is perhaps the most common product obtained from Kratom leaves.

Kratom Capsules


Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, has been used for a long time in Southeast Asia as a natural remedy, especially as a morning stimulant to seize the day. In the last decade, Kratom capsules have become more prevalent in the US. The American Kratom Association estimates that more than 15 million Americans use Kratom pills daily.

In Southeast Asia, the origin of the Kratom tree, many people brew Kratom tea from the tree’s fresh leaves. However, in the US, people consume Kratom in powder or capsule forms. This is because of two possible reasons. One, it’s because fresh Kratom leaves are not so much available in the US, and two, powder and pills provide users with greater convenience.

Here are some of the reasons why people consume Kratom:

  • Kratom is affordable, and most people can buy it even in bulk at discounted prices.
  • Kratom is widely available, and its popularity has increased in the last decade.

It requires no insurance. All-natural products need no insurance, and people can buy Kratom at a good value making it more accessible to consumers.

Kratom Tablets


Super Speciosa is a certified Kratom brand. Its products are approved by the AKA and made under GMP standards. Some customers find Kratom tablets more convenient than the powder and capsule options. Super Speciosa selects Kratom tablets for sale of the highest quality.

The tablets are available in green, white, and red vein Kratom strains. According to the website, a packet of Kratom Tablets costs $59.99. The pills are a powerful energizer, giving the users more stamina, motivation, euphoria, and sociability.

Kratom Tea Bags


The Kratom Tea Bags from Super Speciosa contains only one prime ingredient—Mitragyna Speciosa. As a qualified vendor, all the bags are verified by an independent third party to inspect whether they meet the AKA’s standards for quality and safety.

At $24.99, each pouch comes with 15 tea bags, and each pack contains 4 grams of crushed Kratom leaf. Here are the features of Kratom Tea Bags:

  • Verified by the AKA to meet quality standards
  • It comes with a convenient QR code to view lab certificates
  • All products tested for contaminants, heavy metals, and impurities
  • Premium-grade, all-natural Kratom leaf powder
  • No fillers or additives

Super Speciosa is the first company to introduce scannable QR codes on Kratom products. This allows customers to view the lab certificates in real-time while confirming authenticity and potency.

Super Speciosa Dosages

The Kratom strains from the Super Speciosa brand are highly potent. Their dosages should be taken with care, as the effects may vary from one user to another. A consumer’s dose varies depending on many factors, including age, weight, physiology, body tolerance, and medical conditions.

All the same, the company considers the following dosages appropriate:

  • 1 gram: Light dose
  • 3-4 grams: Moderate dose
  • 5-7 grams: Strong dose
  • 10 grams: Powerful quantity, which can be dangerous

Users are always urged to start with lower doses to prevent any potential side effects that may arise. One can also use them with other Kratom varieties to support tolerance and the stagnant strain syndrome.

Super Speciosa Kratom products deliver effects within 15-20 minutes when consumed on an empty stomach. Higher doses may have a faster onset. The intensity often builds gradually and peaks for two to four hours.

Super Speciosa Final Word

Super Speciosa Kratom products are gaining more popularity as more people begin to explore its benefits in containing various ailments. Whether you’re looking for teabags, capsules, or tablets, Super Speciosa is the place to get started.