BlitzyBug Mosquito Zapper Reviews – Does It Kill Bugs Effectively?

Mosquitoes can be difficult to control, particularly in hot, humid climates. Besides causing itching bumps on your skin, mosquitoes also transmit heartworms to pets. Devices like bug zappers are the most effective for eradicating mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other pests. These zappers resemble outdoor lamps but contain a light source that attracts and kills bugs. Some of the best outdoor bug zappers use UV light to attract mosquitos and other pests.

Unlike small chemical traps, a single UV bug zapper may cover more than an acre of the area and eliminate any insects present in the area. The bugs fall to the ground or the collection tray without any chemical contamination as they are zapped. This means that there are fewer bugs and fewer cleanups. BlitzyBug is one such bug zapper that promises to rid your home of pests using UV light.

BlitzyBug is a non-toxic, easy-to-use bug zapper that utilizes the scientific concept of electrostatic attraction to attract and instantly kill bugs. Because of its powerful ultraviolet light, you may use it to instantly zap flying insects, including mosquitoes, flying flies, and gnats. Moreover, you can easily use it in your bedroom or kitchen and outside your backyard or camping tent.

We will be thoroughly reviewing BlitzyBug to educate you on the myriad benefits of its use.

What is a BlitzyBug?

BlitzyBug is a brand-new trademarked product that protects you, your family, and pets from mosquitoes and other flying insects. With UV-free light and no harmful chemicals, it destroys mosquitoes on the spot. Almost all bugs are attracted to the blue light emitted by BlitzyBug. The bugs are quickly drawn to the core by BlitzyBug. When the bugs get near the BlitzyBug grid, it silently zaps the flying insects using high voltage, thereby killing them in a second. An additional tray is provided for quickly clearing away the zapped bugs.

The 2,000 mAH rechargeable integrated battery inside BlitzyBug allows it to be recharged entirely and ensures longevity. You’ll be able to spend the entire day without any interruptions, thanks to the 20-hour battery life. Because BlitzyBug is lightweight and portable, you can carry it almost anywhere. Each bulb clears 60-170 sq ft of mosquitoes, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space in a bug-free environment. The gadget is simple to clean and requires little upkeep. Clean the coils as needed with the included brush. The manufacturer claims that chemicals, pesticides, or other potentially harmful aerosols were omitted during the development process of the BlitzyBug.


BlitzyBug keeps unwanted flying bugs out of your house and away from your property for hours on a single charge. BlitzyBug’s compact size and light weight make it ideal for use during travel.

Some of the advertised features of BlitzyBug are listed below:

  • BlitzyBug’s purple LED light easily attracts bugs, thereby forcing them to follow the light to the electrical coil and be zapped without any effort on your part.
  • Leaving BlitzyBug running for at least two hours will eliminate mosquitoes and other flying pests from your area.
  • Protective grids will keep children and pets safe from zapping, but they are wide enough to allow bugs to get through.
  • It is simple and easy to remove dead flies or other pests from the inner coil with an included brush. Remove the zapped flies from the bottom of the collection tray.
  • Whether you’re camping in a tent or relaxing on a patio, BlitzyBug’s lightweight and small design allow you to enjoy your outside environment without the presence of unwanted insects.
  • BlitzyBug operates quietly and can be used in sleeping places, such as bedrooms.

Thanks to its water-resistant design, you can use the bug zapper both inside and outside your home. Regardless of the weather situation, position the bug zapper where you need it the most.


Usage Guide

The BlitzyBug’s bug-zapping light ensures that mosquitoes and other insects do not ruin your party or sleep. Anyone can use it. Adhere to the guidelines outlined below:

  • You can either stand the device upright or hang it from a hook.
  • Connect the gadget to the provided USB cord to charge.
  • A red-light indicator will flash to indicate that the battery is charging.
  • Then, on the device’s top, push the black button.
  • You will hear the sound of “click,” and the light will turn on.

The purple light will draw insects and bugs to the device’s central electric coil, where they will meet their end.


Q: How is the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern charged?

A. You can quickly charge it whenever you want, using the USB charger. A single charge can easily last the entire day, allowing you to relax knowing that mosquitos will not bother you.

Q: How is the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern cleaned?

A. clean the coils with the provided cleaning brush.

Q: Is BlitzyBug safe to use?

A. Indeed! Bug sprays and anti-mosquito candles have an unpleasant odor and contain chemicals. Meanwhile, the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern is made entirely of non-toxic materials and is completely safe for use in the house.

Purchase the BlitzyBug Anti-Bug Lantern

For anyone interested in purchasing this bug zapper, visit BlitzyBug’s website. Unfortunately, this product is unavailable for purchase on Amazon, eBay, or any other online marketplace. Choose your favorite package.

All BlitzyBug orders will be processed and shipped within 48 hours of confirmation. Please allow the company up to seven business days to complete the dispatch process. Once your BlitzyBug order has been shipped, you will be notified via email with a tracking number. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures that your personal and banking information will never be compromised.

For those interested, BlitzyBug can be purchased for the following prices:

  • One BlitzyBug: $44.97 / $7.95 Shipping Fee
  • Three BlitzyBugs: $33.97 Each / Free Shipping
  • Five BlitzyBugs: $24.97 Each / Free Shipping

This bug-zapping lantern also comes with a 30-day money return guarantee. The manufacturer is confident in its efficiency and isn’t afraid to back it up with a warranty. If you’re not satisfied with BlitzyBug’s performance, you’re entitled to a return of your purchase price. Send the bug zapper back within 30 days of receipt for a refund. If you have any questions about the order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer service department via the following:

  • Phone: +1 (855) 476-8060
  • Email: support@blitzybug.com


BlitzyBug is quickly becoming a popular option for the age-old problem of summertime mosquitoes. BlitzyBug Insect Killer is ideal for houses with children and pets due to its safe design and simple care instructions. A single press of a button causes the radiating light to pull all bugs to its effective zapping core. It instantly destroys bugs and other insects upon contact.

Because BlitzyBug is rechargeable, you can easily use it at any place. It has a washable collection pan for collecting bug residue. Additionally, it includes a chain for convenient mounting and can be set directly on a flat surface. It is free of hazardous substances. You may safely enjoy a bug-free environment.

There are a lot of positive reviews regarding this product. Many people who purchased it have expressed their delight and ranked it highly. Keep this bug zapper close to where you see the most bugs to achieve the best results possible. Then, turn it on and let the zapping begin.

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