MaxCool AC Reviews – Effective Mini Portable Air Conditioner Device?

Whether you live in relatively hot areas or are approaching the hot summers there need for an Air conditioner or cooler to make your lives a bit more comfortable. However, most of these legacy ACs are quite expensive to purchase, install and even maintain without even factoring in the power bills.

There however exists a cheaper solution that is both portable and serves the purpose. Made in top-notch USA facilities, the MaxCool AC has an array of features that makes it an outlier amongst its peers. It has a rechargeable battery which is to be recharged by a standard USB cable, which is part of the package.

How it works

The MaxCool AC has a fan that sucks in the warm air present in the room. The air is then directed towards its inbuilt humidifier tank that has moisture-filled filter pads that instantly cool the air while humidifying it. This key step allows the MaxCool AC to double as a humidifier. This will prevent irritation of the throat, eyes, and skin. The internal filters will also block air impurities such as dust particles from being blown out. The cold and humid air is then blown out through the vent leaving a cooling sensation in the environs.


Portable yet Effective– this will make it your favorite travel companion as it could fit anywhere as long as you have the standard USB in sight.

Uses Water to Cool the Air in the Room– Has an easy-to-refill inbuilt humidifier tank that humidifies and cools the air to be pumped out. This adds humidity to the air ensuring it doesn’t affect the same people it’s supposed to serve

Can Be Used While Traveling– the MaxCool AC will turn out to be your best companion whether you are traveling, camping, in an office space, or even in the gym working out.

Quiet and Simple To Use– you just need to power it on and in less than a minute you will be enjoying some nice rush of fresh, cool air.

It is silent– The MaxCool AC will not emit noises that may distract you during your busy work schedule.


According to the official website, you could opt to purchase one of the following packages of MaxCool AC coupled with a lifetime warranty going for $9.99 per unit. All of these packages have mega discounts allowing you to maximize your savings;

  • 1 MaxCool AC now retailing at $49.99
  • 2 MaxCool ACs priced at $44.99 each
  • The best-selling combo, 3 MaxCool ACs each valued at $35.99
  • 4 MaxCool ACs that are retailing at $32.99

All this has been coupled with fast delivery and the prices are exclusive of shipping fees. The checkout page has also been secured with 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the clients from potential credit card fraud. There is also a 30-day guarantee, meaning that if you order the product and it’s not to your expectations you are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchase and receiving the product.

This is what some of the happy customers had to say about the MaxCool AC;

Mitchel S. California, US Verified Customer

“This is super quiet and ridiculously cold. It lasts for a long time. I was super surprised by how cold it gets! Ice-cold water produces the best results!! Highly recommended for anybody who remains hot, extremely portable for small spaces, easy to store when not in use, and super super easy to set up and use. I love it, a great value for the money. It’s a high-quality product. The fact that you can clean the cartridge in the dishwasher or wash it by hand and put it in the microwave to sanitize just puts the icing on the cake for me.”

Sharlotte H. Kansas, US Verified Customer

“I was very impressed with this cooler! I love the compact size and the modern styling! Easy setup, easy maintenance, and it does not take up much room! Although it is not yet AC season, the afternoons in Georgia have begun to heat up. I am very happy with the job this cooler is doing for me!”

Caroline M. New York, US Verified Customer

“So, I got this thing to go camping and try to not be as hot in my TENT; I did not expect it to cool down a room, etc. This thing blows me away. I’m a Texan and I’m used to hot, humid environments; but I end up using this in my bedroom at night instead of running my AC now because IT WORKS THAT WELL! As long as it is pointing towards me within a 5-foot radius, it works super well. I hook it up to a USB cable when I camp and a battery, and it’s legit so amazing. Pretty neat little swamp cooler! Love and if you are looking for a tent fan, this thing ROCKS!”


If you are in the market for an air conditioner or cooler and are facing financial constraints or prefer a portable solution, you should go for the MaxCool AC. The device has a sleek design making it an accessory for either your office or place on your bedside. The fact that it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery will make it your favorite travel companion for all your outdoor needs as long as you are within 5 feet radius. It is also easy to maintain and requires regular cleaning of its cartridge to ensure fresh air.


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