Silicone Bath Towel Reviews – Is It Effective or Not Legit?

The Silicone Bath Towel is an accessory for the shower or bath that helps users wash every part of their back and other areas that are hard to reach. It is available in multiple colors, and each side has a different texture for different types of scrubbing.

What is the Silicone Bath Towel?

Taking a shower should be an immersive and cleansing experience. Entire stores and sections of superstores are dedicated to the idea of cleaning the body with different sponges, brushes, gloves, and more. All of these different tools work to achieve one common goal – getting clean. No matter what tools or soaps an individual uses, it doesn’t do much good if they can’t reach every part of the body. That’s what makes the Silicone Bath Towel so helpful.

With the Silicone Bath Towel, consumers can use the two handles to scrub along their back and truly get as clean as they’d hoped. The unique textures of each side are an ideal way to clean the back’s pores while eliminating excess sebum, dirt, and dead skin, which means that their back will be smoother than ever before. Getting a deep clean without the worry of buildup on the skin is the best way to stay healthy and keep skin radiant. Most users who start washing their bodies with this tool end up with smoother skin that is free of blemishes.

Users will have their choice of purple, blue, pink, and green, and they can choose from a small or large Silicone Bath Towel.

How It Works

The reason that this towel is so effective is because it gives users access to a unique angle that is nearly impossible to bend to reach.

With a silicone texture, users don’t have to worry about the accumulation of bacteria. All the user needs to do is rinse off the towel and allow it to dry. The material is made of food-grade silicone, which is safe for the environment and contains no dangerous substances. It is able to withstand any temperature that the user wants to shower at,

Still, creating a helpful washing tool isn’t enough. The Silicone Bath Towel offers two different textures that users can clean and massage their body with. The first side is more like bristles on a densely packed brush for a deep scrub with plenty of suds. The opposite side has rounded bumps, focusing on a soothing massage.

Purchasing the Silicone Bath Towel

Consumers who want to order the Silicone Bath Towel will have a few options on the sxtiyou.com website that will determine their price. Initially, the single Silicone Bath Towel costs $29.00, but users can buy two towels for 10% discount, three towels for 12% off, four towels for 15% off, or five towels for 20% off. For a limited time on November 19th, 2022, users are getting a massive discount that cuts this cost by nearly half.

Once the user selects their package, the price can change with the size they order. The small and large towels have the same initial price tag of $29, but the promotion available right now changes the price to $14.86 for the former and $16.99 for the latter.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Silicone Bath Towel

Who is the Silicone Bath Towel for?

Since the food-grade silicone is so safe, this tool can be used for washing anyone – including men, women, children, and senior citizens. All demographics can benefit from its use.

What color options do customers have?

The official website offers both the large and small sizes in purple, blue, pink, and green.

How should the Silicone Bath Towel be stored?

Users can hook one of the handles onto their shower caddy to let it dry between uses. They can also drape it over a shower door or curtain rod to dry.

Will users need to set up an account to purchase the Silicone Bath Towel through SXTIYOU?

No. Anyone can place an order as a guest. However, if they sign up as a member, they will have access to faster checkouts, order status updates, order history, and emailed updates about new promotions.

What payment methods are accepted?

Users can pay with any major credit card or their PayPal account.

How long will it take to receive the Silicone Bath Towel?

Users can decide which shipping option works best for their needs. Users will receive a personalized tracking number that shows exactly how many days they’ll have to wait for the towel to arrive.

Where can the Silicone Bath Towel be shipped?

The creators of SXTIYOU ship worldwide. Users will receive real-time tracking information and insurance coverage to protect their order if it is lost. Any item that arrives damaged can get a refund or replacement in the first 15 days after receiving the order.

To reach the customer service team, send an email to support@sxtiyou.com.


The Silicone Bath Towel provides users with a way to get the hardest angles to reach in the shower without having to stretch unforgettable. This tool offers a two-sided design with different textures to ensure that anyone can get the cleaning they want. Users have multiple colors and sizes to take advantage of, and all orders come with a complementary tracking number to ensure that customers know exactly where their orders are while waiting. Plus, users are covered by a money-back guarantee.

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