What makes this cannabis store ‘Seattle’s favorite?’

Long-standing Rainier Street shop has changed with the times, and kept spirits high

Take a walk down Ranier Avenue and you’ll see a familiar green sign marking “Seattle’s Favorite Cannabis Shop.” That confidence encourages more than a few passersby to pop into The Green Door and ask General Manager Jakob Miller if it’s accurate.

“People see the sign and get curious, but I think it’s really true. We’ve been in the business a long time, we have a really great selection and we build personal relationships with our customers,” Miller says.

The Green Door entered the cannabis industry in 2009 and is now in its third retail space in the same neighborhood. The first space was geared mostly towards medical marijuana, the second storefront had a large lounge area for recreational use, and the current shop serves a mix of both markets. It’s a smaller space than their previous location, but Miller says it still boasts an eclectic selection.

“I hear customers say all the time ‘I’ve never seen this before.’ We carry a wide variety and we’re always on the hunt for interesting products from local suppliers.”

Knowledgable staff

Miller says the selection can be overwhelming for some visitors, which is why The Green Door employs a staff of budtenders to help you make your purchase.

“Everyone’s super knowledgable, and each of our budtenders has a different specialty. We have one person who really knows heavy indicas, another who’s more interested in creative sativas, and someone else who’s all about edibles. We can work with you to find out what kind of experience you’re looking for.”

Owner Dave Good has an entrepreneurial spirit and a long history with The Green Door. He purchased the business after first supplying medical marijuana to the previous owners, and now works hard to expand the network in growing markets. The Green Door now has a sister store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which recently legalized medical marijuana.

“He’s got a lot of projects on the go, but he’s a very hands-on owner. And he’s been so generous about sharing his business knowledge,” Miller says.

Miller handles daily operations and purchasing, and Good is happy to step in when Miller’s pursuing other passions, like touring with his band.

“We’re a great team and have a lot of confidence in each other, so even though we’re very busy the shop always runs smoothly.”

Visit The Green Door at 828 Rainier Ave. South or explore the online store at thegreendoorseattle.com. Call 206-618-7133 to chat with a budtender about your needs, goals and history, and find a product that works for you.

The Green Door at 828 Ranier Ave. South. During this stressful time, the staff at The Green Door want to reach out to customers old and new.

The Green Door at 828 Ranier Ave. South. During this stressful time, the staff at The Green Door want to reach out to customers old and new.

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