Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews – Quality Brand Air Cooler or Scam?

Conventional air conditioners can be great in the summer; when it’s so hot you feel like you might melt, and they come with significant drawbacks. They use a considerable amount of energy, have a high cost of purchasing and maintaining them, and have high utility bills that come with using them. The ongoing depletion of the ozone layer has allowed very high-intensity sunlight to reach the earth, causing the heat at the earth’s surface to be much higher than usual during the summer months. This is causing people to search for alternatives and a higher demand for personal coolers now more than ever.

Blast has become one of the leading brands that offer affordable personal air coolers. This year, Blast continued to provide top-notch devices by releasing another high-performance air cooler to the market. The Blast Auxiliary Portable air cooler can also function as a fan and humidifier, not just an air cooler. This small, portable device can cut down on the cost of energy consumption while providing a room with cooled air.

What is the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC was designed to perform the function of a humidifier and fan. People want to enjoy comfort indoors during the summer as temperatures rise. A small, lightweight device that can keep the room temperature cool is what people seek. The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC has a lot of benefits for people who use it, including being able to take it with you from room to room or even on a road trip.

How Does the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC work?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC functions on the principle of evaporation technology. Sometimes called a “swamp cooler,” evaporative cooling has been known to humans since at least the time of ancient Egypt. Maintaining a low room temperature is accomplished using evaporation. Warm air is converted to cooled fresh air by passing it through a water-soaked curtain in the device. The built-in fan pushes the cool, moist air out. It is recommended to be used in a room where fresh air can enter and exit. It is not advised to use it where there is limited airflow. If it is used where there is limited airflow, it could lead to mold.

Full Features of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

Lightweight size, 3-in-1 functionality, and portability are some of the features of the device. The others are:

Personal Cooling

The Blast Auxiliary Portable air cooler is designed for personal usage. The service area may not be large enough to cool a large room. It can only be enjoyed by a single person at a time. Its portable size, lightweight, and personal features make it easy to move from one room to another.

Simple to set up

After the device has been charged, the setup is easy and can be completed quickly. Water is poured into the water tank, and the curtain is allowed to absorb the water. The fan inside the device blows cool air out the device. The user can easily do maintenance by cleaning it, unlike the traditional air conditioners that require the service of professionals.

3-in-1 Functionality

The device serves the purpose of a fan, humidifier, and air cooler. For increased benefits, ice can be added to the water in the tank. The fan inside blows out cool air using the water picked up by the water curtains.

Why Choose Blast?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable air cooler also acts as a humidifier. It makes the air in the surrounding atmosphere moist.

For the proper and continuous functioning of traditional air conditioners, the addition of freon or periodic maintenance by experts is required. The manufacturing and importation of Freon have been phased out in the United States, which will begin to make traditional air conditioners more expensive and difficult to service. Compared to conventional air conditioners, the lightweight, portable air cooler is a better option.

There are numerous beneficial features of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC. Its cordless nature makes powering efficient, especially when used in remote places. The compact nature of the lightweight device makes it easy to carry from place to place comfortably.

The device can not only be charged by plugging into a power source but can also be charged by connecting to a computer via a USB cord. The air cooler weighs only 1.92 lbs (without water), making it easy to take on road trips or store away when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the most frequently asked questions about the Blast Portable Auxiliary AC are as follows:

Q: Must the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC be cleaned?

A: You should wash the water curtain approximately twice a month. Each water curtain lasts six to eight months.

Q: How much power is used by the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

A: The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC works on the principle of evaporation technology. The design ensures that the operation is efficient. The parts of the device are not complex, so it consumes very little power.

Q: Is the use of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC through the night safe?

A: The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can be used for the whole night without causing any noise or trouble or needing to be refilled with water.

Q: How many users can enjoy the air cooler at once?

A: Only one user can use the device and get the maximum benefits. This is due to the limited capabilities of the device and its relative size.

Q: In what location is it best to place the device when in use?

A: First, the device should be placed on a level surface to eliminate the risk of water leaking from the tank. Second, you should put the device near a window to easily get fresh air.

Q: Is the device backed by a refund policy?

A: Yes, a 30-day refund policy comes with ordering the product. The product can be returned and the money refunded if found not working as the manufacturer claimed or if the buyer is unhappy with the device. The refund policy is only valid under the following three conditions:

  • The condition of the device must not be in question.
  • Blast customer service must be called to obtain the address to which the device will be returned.
  • A suitable container must be used when shipping the device back to the manufacturer. It must be in the same package it came in.

Contact Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Manufacturer

A ticket needs to be submitted on the product’s official Blast website; chatting and phone calls can also be used to contact them.

  • The toll-free number for the US and Canada is 866 3351 618.
  • For New Zealand and Australia, call (02) 5133 5698.
  • For Ireland and the United Kingdom, call 033 081 80915.

Pricing for the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is sold in four packages. There is a reduction in the cost per unit of the devices as the number of units increases. The packages are as follows:

  • One unit sells for $89.99
  • Two units sell for $179.99
  • Three units sell for $201.99
  • Four units sell for $246.99

Final Word

The technology used by the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC isn’t new. Evaporation cooling has been used for centuries in hot, dry climates to cool down. The unique aspect of the Blast air cooler is the small, portable nature of the device and that it is rechargeable and cordless, meaning you can take it anywhere. The device consumes very little energy because it absorbs warm air, cools it, and sends it out through the back.

The device can deliver cool air any place it is needed, given that it is compact and light in weight. Charging the battery can be done through a type C cable. The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can also work while being plugged into a power outlet for charging.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC has not been built to provide cooling for an entire room. The designed functionalities are ideal for some limited spaces and certain users based on the price of the device. During the hot months of the summer, Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can be used to improve comfort and save money when purchased.

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