Top Psychic Reading Sites Of 2021: Get A Reading From Best Psychics| Spiritual Readings & Tarot Readings Online

Chaos and unpredictability in life are rising – and so are our beliefs in psychics.

We live in a state of perpetual nervousness. Not knowing what the future holds for us freaks us out. We are constantly under a cloud of distress because we believe our lives can quickly and suddenly turn into a dumpster fire – all because we fear the uncertainties of life. And that is why we often rush blindly towards psychic guidance in attempts to find that perfect balm for our rising stress, anxieties, and flaws in our lives.

Psychics have been in demand in our society since the 15th century or even earlier. They are still in need even in the 21st century. We believe psychic readings are the most effective divination tool to fix all our lives’ troubles and tell us how to create a better future.

But not every person, calling oneself a psychic, can be trusted. We understand that. And, we also know how important it is for you to find a reliable psychic reader. Whether you are about to make a crucial financial decision, are uncertain about the outcome of your current love affair, or are unsure about your career path, you may need the guidance of a dependable and reputable psychic reader.

And, that is why we did our research to help you in your search for psychics near me.

Top 5 Platforms For Psychic Readings Online

#1. Kasamba: Overall Best Rated Online Psychic Reading Website

#2. Keen: Best For Tarot Card Reading And Spiritual Readings

#3. Asknow: Ideal Psychic Reading Online For Beginners

#4. Oranum: Recognized For The Finest Psychic Network

#5. Mystic Sense: Online Psychic Readings For Career And Love Relationships

#1. Kasamba: Overall Best Rated Online Psychic Reading Website


Kasamba is a global leader in astrology, tarot readings, and love psychics, with over four million users. The brand incorporates a roaster system for expert physic readers with more than five years of experience. In addition, the experts are available 24×7.

Kasamba partners with independent and authorized psychic readers to offer premium psychic and tarot reading services. It renders psychic services via chat, email, video call, and voice call. New users receive three minutes of complimentary chat time to experiment with the site’s psychic, astrology, numerology, and tarot reading services.


Trial Period: Kasamba is well-known for never dissatisfying customers with their astrology services. Additionally, it gives a free trial to retain its image and the trust of its four million customers. Registered customers receive three complimentary minutes from hiring online psychic specialists for their readings.

Guaranteed Refund: If new users are not satisfied with their readings, they can always request a refund. Apart from providing free minutes, Kasamba also processes the refund requests immediately once a registered consumer submits a dissatisfaction complaint.

Precise Insights With Very Little Personal Information: To begin the consultation, psychic readers would often want to know your name and date of birth. The readers may ask several questions to get a comprehensive idea of your issues and ensure an accurate reading. The psychic readers at Kasamba keep their questions limited to your name and date of birth and do the readings based on their improved insights and psychic prowess.


  • Three-minute free psychic reading for all new clients
  • Round the clock availability pf psychic readers over a video call, chat, email, and phone call
  • Services include numerology, psychic mediums, astrology, tarot, and psychic readings
  • Gifted psychics respond to customers’ queries
  • Credible, safe, and authentic services
  • Hundreds of positive and happy customer-reviews
  • Offers mobile app and website to suit clients’ convenience


  • Money-back guarantee valid for the first tarot or psychic appointment

Why did we recommend Kasamba?

Kasamba has been in the service of people for the past 20 years and is a reputable platform. The readers here are reliable, trustworthy, and accurate. Over the years, Kasamba psychics have earned the respect of people for guiding them well in their time of crisis. Kasamba respects your privacy and assures you it will never be breached. No wonder, therefore, KIasamba has been getting five-star ratings and euphoric reviews.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. Keen: Best For Tarot Card Reading And Spiritual Readings


Keen offers an extensive network of psychics worldwide to assist you through spiritual readings, relationships, life questions, and tarot readings. It matches you with a specialized or nearby reader, depending on your reading and search needs. The brand has also been published in several psychic and astrological publications, including Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, and Women’s Health.

The brand specializes in accurate and superior life, love, and relationship readings. Additionally, it teaches you about the psychic reading process via FAQs and blogs. Keen provides two entry-level options. You may either obtain ten minutes for $1.99 or three minutes for free during your first session.


Psychic Zones: Although Keen is known for its relationship, love, and life readings, it provides much more. You may select from various psychic readings, including those conducted for spiritual readings, psychic mediums, astrology readings, financial forecasts, tarot readings, and life questions. Also, you have access to thousands of authentic psychic experts on Keen to select for your psychic readings.

Expansion: The brand, Keen, offers free daily, annual, and monthly horoscopes. In this manner, you may learn what changes may occur in your life through your horoscope and receive solutions to specific life-troubling questions.


  • Two trial choices for new users
  • Affordable consultation fees starting at 1.99 dollars per minute
  • Five-star rated and certified psychics
  • A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all readings


  • Psychics are available on voice and chat calls.

Why did we recommend Keen?

The platform minimizes your need to go to any random psychic near you for guidance. The psychic counselors of Keen will provide you better advice and predict your tomorrow with almost mathematical accuracy. You can avail of the services from the comfort of your home. Moreover, at Keen, you will get an opportunity to select your psychic from over a thousand who are available 24×7.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#3. AskNow: Ideal Psychic Reading Online For Beginners


AskNow is a premier psychic network and has been in the business, rather, service to people, since 2005. Psychics at AskNow specializes in medium readings and offers sessions either over voice calls or through live chat. AskNow has a toll-free number, and you can have your consultation session using the number. In the past 16 years, AskNow has played a critical role in calming many frayed nerves and showing light to many disillusioned souls with accurate readings and astute guidance.

The psychics at AskNow are all experienced professionals, and each of them has more than 30 years of practice. The site does not offer any free minutes but keeps its charges limited to only one US Dollar per minute and offers attractive discounts on sessions with any of its Elite or Master psychic.

AskNow loves to evolve constantly, and for this, it invites suggestions/feedbacks from its clients.


Introductory Package: Asknow doesn’t give any few free minutes to the newbies. The starter packs of $20 or $30 include a free consultation of five minutes with any of the Elite or Master psychic.

Pricing: Asknow is one of the most affordable psychics on our list. Sessions cost only one dollar per minute. Asknow’s mission is to provide you with inexpensive psychic reading services tailored to fit your specific needs.


  • Genuine and experienced psychic readers
  • Cost-effective, starting from a dollar per minute
  • 24×7 availability to connect on chat or call
  • Daily horoscope readings and specialized services from psychics
  • Available on Mobile app
  • Service is available in English and Spanish


  • No video call or email reading

Why did we recommend AskNow?

AskNow offers a network of highly skilled and knowledgeable psychics readers that can assist you with any of your inquiries. The amount of confidentiality maintained by its psychics is assuring. Additionally, the professionals maintain a conversational and encouraging tone even when readings reveal only negative news.

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#4. Oranum: Recognized For The Finest Psychic Network


Oranum is a company that specializes in internet video psychic readings. It connects you to the psychics’ network via video chats 24 hours a day, allowing you to see your cards being read. The platform has a credit-based payment system, and you receive $9.99 free credits as part of the free trial. You will have to debit the credits and redeem them during any future reading.

Oranum specializes in spiritual, psychic, and astrological readings with ten years of expertise. With Oranum, you get free sessions, private sessions, psychic readings, free access to videos, premium videos, subscriptions, surprise sessions, and special requests all under one platform – Oranum.


Video Sessions: All reading sessions at Oranum are done on a live video communication platform. This facility enables the reader and the client to strike a better rapport and feel that they are meeting in person. You can also see your cards are being read and expressions on the face of your reader. This on-video or video-only session is indeed a great feature this site has on offer.

Broadcasting: The brand provides you with credits worth $9.99 to test the services of its accredited psychics. However, two alternatives are available here: private and broadcast sessions. The psychics display on the internet when revealing. So all you need to do is join the chat room and communicate with the reader through credit coins.


  • Specialized video reading sessions
  • Can purchase economic sessions with credit coins
  • Numerous premium psychic reading packages


  • No option of phone, chat, or voice call connection
  • Credit coins are expensive

Why did we recommend Oranum?

Even though credit coins are pretty pricey, they last a long time because broadcast psychic reading sessions are comparatively affordable than private sessions. We recommend Oranum as the psychic readers go through your readings in front of you while responding to your queries. You can be completely assured the psychic reader is putting effort into the readings.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

#5. Mystic Sense: Online Psychic Readings For Career And Love Relationships


Mystic Sense, too, is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Experienced psychics advise and answer inquiries. It specializes in affordable astrology, love, tarot, and spiritual readings. The brand guarantees that you will receive thorough responses and answers to all your questions. It provides five free minutes to try the psychics of Mysticsense.

The platform maintains a detailed profile log of all psychics on the web. You may contact the psychics who have been shortlisted and inquire about their last client comments, certificates, credentials, and qualifications, among other things. Additionally, Mysticsense offers a money-back guarantee if the psychic reading services are unsatisfactory.


Affordability: If you have any concerns about your career, relationship, or life, Mysticsense is the psychic companion for you. It provides reading services or solutions at a discounted rate (as little as one dollar per minute).

Customer-centric: Mystic Sense is committed to providing you with the best psychic services possible. You have a variety of options for filtering psychics based on your specific requirements.

Availability of Services: The psychics are available 24×7 through chat, phone, and video to assist you with your readings. Whether you are on a desktop or a phone, the experience is consistent. Mysticsense guarantees you satisfaction but, if you, for some reason, are not satisfied with your session, the syndicate refunds your money with no questions asked.


  • Low fee for psychic consultation
  • Gives free five-minute consultation/reading
  • 100% money-back assurance
  • Extremely trusted and preferred for accurate readings
  • Has over 400 psychics to choose from
  • Sends daily horoscope into your mail inbox


  • The majority of psychics are available exclusively via chat.

Why did we recommend Mystic Sense?

Mystic Sense is well-known for offering the most affordable online psychic reading services. It encompasses all types of readings to help you with any inquiry or need. Additionally, it is one of the few service providers that provide free five-minute samples. Finally, Mysticsense offers a responsive customer support team that handles payment and dissatisfaction problems promptly.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mystic Sense

Steps We Used To Create Our List Of Best Physics Near Me

The initial trial of anything new seems baffling and confusing. It’s a part of life to feel dazed, stuck or depressed sometimes. If life does not come back to normal, you may feel downhearted and unhappy.

Psychic readings may ease and sort your life, make it less messy, and help you gain a little more confidence in walking down life’s journey as it’s facing all the challenges it tosses your way. If you are open to new ideas, you can relish a modified approach to life through psychic readings.

Based on our research, analysis, and experience, we assure you that the above-enlisted platforms for online psychic reading are safe, genuine, and reliable.

Accordingly, we analyzed several online psychics near us using a set of criteria. The five psychic sites we have shortlisted here met them all. We found them reliable and are known for making accurate predictions.


All the listed psychic reading platforms have received favorable comments from millions of global consumers. Their testimonials are also posted on several third-party sites by individuals who consistently avail themselves of online psychic reading services.

Free Trial

Because psychic or tarot reading is fundamentally a pseudoscience, it evolves over time and in response to changing life situations. The listed websites give a free trial period of three-five minutes to make clients comfortable. All psychic reading platforms do not offer such complimentary minutes.

Market Credibility

None of the psychic reading services listed are unfamiliar to users. These platforms already have a sizable global user base, indicating their reliability and money value. Additionally, the top psychics near us, featured here, have a long history and command a high level of trust.

Accessibility via Video, Call, or Phone

Between the psychic reader and the client, there should be a bond. Both client and the reader should ideally communicate on a one-on-one basis. Communication can be best done if the client and the reader can have a video chat or phone session rather than test chatting or emailing. We did not find the facilities available with most of the sites. Our chosen psychic services provide clients multiple communication channels, including video chatting, voice calls, text chatting, and emails.

Charges per minute

The fee per minute for psychics is critical. Apart from free trials, one may require premium psychic reading services. Affordability, therefore, is an important criterion. The recommended services are affordable.

Common Services

The selected psychics near me offer psychic or tarot reading and consulting services for health, love, career, relationships, and the future. You can trust the listed psychics even without checking their portfolios for answers to your life questions.

In the following section, we will discuss what makes the five psychic platforms the very best.

A Beginner’s Guide To The World Of Mysticism: How To Choose Psychics

We are often asked how reliable are psychic readings. Do they have any scientific basis? It is better not to dive into these issues because psychic readings are essentially an art of inference based on a few specific foundations.

People of all hues, classes, and creeds have been seeking psychic guidance for ages. With time, the relevance and popularity of psychic readings have only soared. Millennials love it.

Remember, psychic readers are not seers. So, don’t take the readings as gospel but as a guidebook or a map about which route to take in life. Blind skepticism about psychic readings is unwarranted. One may not have faith in it, but others have. It is a matter of trust. There are many methods that a psychic reader may use. One of the most efficient ones is tarot card reading.

Tarot Card Reading: What is it?

Tarot cards don’t predict our future, but they can undoubtedly suggest how we should live our lives. More often than not, these cards tell a story of our life cycle.

A tarot card deck typically consists of 78 cards, and each card is packed with information. A tarot card reader depends on intuition as well as numerology, astrology, and the Kabbalah.

A psychic reading cannot disclose the entirety of details concerning your life and its issues. It only assists you in relating to and viewing specific situations to enhance or alter your life for the best.

What to expect from tarot card readings?

At times, we all experience confusion and fear for no apparent reason when confronted with situations beyond our comprehension. If such issues can be identified and overcome, our lives will become significantly more straightforward.

You would contact a psychic only if you have concerns about your relationships, life, job, love, or finances, for example. However, the initial session might be disastrous if you are unaware of what you are putting yourself into and how it will affect you. The following tips will assist you in really enjoying your first psychic session.

  • Humility

You may experience anxiousness and apprehension during your first session. Nonetheless, an expert psychic will always make you feel comfortable and involved throughout the session. Irrespective of the outcome of the readings, the psychics will ensure that you are not repulsed or disheartened.

  • Personal Questions

Intuition usually takes precedence over all other things in a psychic reader during a reading session. Nonetheless, you may be asked some personal questions for accurate readings. When you hire a reputable psychic, your personal information and secrets are expected to remain secure with the reader and never shared with others.

  • Conversation

During a reading session, the psychic may infer certain information or even some dark secrets about you and your life. Don’t get unnerved, and take everything in your stride. A sensitive psychic is expected to strike a pleasant and comforting conversation that may help you open up more and share further details.

  • Clarifications

In your first session, you may face some problems with comprehension. Your mind may get filled with questions and ambiguity. Ideally, your reader should allow you time to cope with the situation, offer clarifications you will need, and help you in all possible manners to make you understand all that will be spoken. It is the physic’s responsibility to send you back home fully satisfied.

How is a tarot card deck constructed?

A deck of 78 cards contains 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana cards. The Minor cards symbolize and depict life challenges, while the Major cards give spiritual guidance. Sixteen of the Minor cards tell us about an individual’s personality. Each card contains subliminal and life-altering meanings that mirror the reality of an individual’s current existence.

How do you pick the best tarot reader?

Picking the right one is indeed a challenge but not impossible. You need to be careful because out there is a massive cesspool of fakes and frauds. The chances of you getting duped and stripped of your money are high. But worry not! Consider the following guidelines, which will help you find a reliable reader.

  • Tarot reader’s biographical information

A legitimate psychic platform will always provide basic and professional information about its tarot readers.

  • Client testimonials

Numerous professional psychics invite and encourage their clients to provide feedback. It enables the readers to assess the client’s level of satisfaction with the psychic services. Thus, the client reviews become critical yardsticks, which you can use to choose the right reader.

  • Experience & Certifications

Numerous psychic reading websites provide both uncertified and underqualified psychics. You are advised to check the reader’s credentials, experience, and qualifications you would like to consult.

  • Free Minutes

Consider a reader who would give you some free minutes. This facility will enable you to test the abilities of the reader. Remember, only experienced and skilled online readers will provide you with the free minutes because they will not have anything (their inability) to hide — those who will not are the fakes who would not want to put themselves under any scanner.

  • Premium Buy

Ensure that you just pay once for a psychic reading. Some psychic platforms/websites demand a fee for each revelation made by the psychic. As a result, we never recommend that you engage a psychic who will pressure you to make more purchases.

  • Budget

Psychic readings might reveal some realities of your life. As a result, you should adhere to your budget and limit yourself to one inquiry each session. Beware of the websites and psychics who may offer you lucrative discounts and encourage you to have more sessions.

Online vs. Offline Psychic Services – What To Expect

While most individuals have access to offline and internet psychic readings, the latter is typically preferred. While offline psychics are also preferable, their reach and availability are limited. If you are having difficulty deciding between offline and online card reading services, consider the following points:


To attend an offline session, you will need to adjust your schedule and commute by private or public transport. Online psychics, on the other hand, are available 24 hours a day on websites. Thus, you may easily connect with a qualified professional psychic from your home without traveling or changing your schedule.


An offline reading service company will never refund the money if you are dissatisfied with the reading. You receive complimentary trial sessions, on the contrary, for online psychic services as well as attractive discounts on paid sessions. Additionally, you can request a 100% refund if you receive an unsatisfactory reading service, depending on the site’s or the psychic’s policy.


You cannot be sure that your offline reader will not share your intimate details and secrets. However, this is not true for online psychic reading services. Before beginning a session, both the psychic and you agree to keep the session and its contents private.

FAQs On Psychics Near Me

Q: Are online psychics real – or even reliable?

A: Online psychics are actual people that sit and wait to read your cards and offer guidance. Reputable psychic reading sites usually allow unauthorized and unlicensed readers to practice from the site.

Q: Which mode of communication is a better way to consult a tarot reader – phone call, chat, or video?

A:It depends on your comfort. For example, some individuals communicate their feelings and inquiries more clearly over the phone or via chat than during video conversations and vice versa.

Q: What types of psychic readings are available to the general population?

A: Popular psychic readings include tarot, astrology, palmistry, numerology, and crystal balls. You may go for other forms if you need them.

Q: What is tarot card reading?

A: Tarot card readings reveal solutions to present life problems, choices, and dilemmas. Additionally, it provides facts that the individual is unaware of. Intuition is critical since it represents what individuals desire from their life and how they may achieve it. While a tarot card reading cannot provide exact life-changing answers, it can point you on the right path for living a better life based on your current activities.

Q: Is it safe to choose free internet tarot readings?

A: Internet tarot readings are generally safe. It, however, depends on the service provider. For example, the tarot card reads of AskNow, Kasamba Psychics, and Keen Psychics provide complimentary tarot card readings by trained psychic readers, and they are certainly some of the safest we can have on cyberspace today.

Q: What is the best way to prepare for a reading?

A:You must enlist the issues you are dealing with in your life before consulting an online psychic reader. When the topic you want to discuss is precise, a reader can spot the issue sooner and provide truthful and honest insights. In addition to this, you should also try and avoid discrepancies in your thoughts to get accurate results from an online tarot reading. Interference of any third party outside the reader and the user will inhibit the latter’s ability to understand and process the given insights.

Q: Can a tarot reading foretell the future?

A:Yes, to some extent, it can. Findings and the guidance received from tarot card reading can transform your life over time. Similarly, the readings will begin projecting your future behavior and lifestyle based on your current behaviors and choices.

Q: What kind of tarot card decks are available to us?

A: Although several Tarot Card Decks are available, only three are commonly used in modern tarot readings. Rider, Tarot de Marseille, and Thoth are the three main types used by most online psychics.

The Final Takeaway

The five psychic sites we have reviewed in this guide are undoubtedly the most trusted and reliable in an ocean of similar platforms available on the internet. Psychics onboarded by these five websites are unquestionably the finest, with years of experience behind them and an abundance of skill.

They are highly revered by their clients, with loads of positive reviews available on-site about their accurate and precise readings on their clients’ present conditions and future projections.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.