Community theater in Sammamish’s future

Sammamish community members gathered at the EX3 Teen Center to discuss bringing a community theater to the city.

Sammamish community members gathered at the EX3 Teen Center to discuss bringing a community theater to the city. ‘A Repertory Collective Project,’ presented by the Sammamish Arts Commission, was created in the hopes of creating “a center of excellence by releasing, empowering and equipping lives through the creative arts,” said Arts Commissioner Steve Wright.

The meeting included an introduction to the collective project as well as a public conversation.

Wright said that people from all backgrounds showed up to the meeting with input.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to have a theater in this community,” he said.

The Commission’s goals are to develop a pipeline for new and existing talent, create thorough and expanded education and training programs through workshops, and develop and foster opportunities to serve in the project. Wright said as of now the important part is to get the people involved in the process and gain community support.

“All the building blocks are there,” Wright said. “Anything that’s long lasting, make sure it has a foundation.”

Community feedback included incorporating various styles of dance into productions, involving children or having children’s activities and doing a theater-based couple’s night.

“It’s a collective project because we need to make sure all areas are taken care of,” Wright said.

While there is currently a focus on the holiday show which will take place in Decemeber, Wright said they want to start looking at workshops, other shows and more.

“I think the timing is right,” he said, explaining that the Arts Commission, city officials and community members are all very excited about the project.

Wright, who has been on the Arts Commission for approximately six months, produced, directed and consulted shows for a living before his retirement. After a break from the theater, he’s ready to get back in the game and give back to the community. Wright said he’s looking at a list of various productions and venues for the holiday show and hopes to have a couple more meetings before auditions in September.

“We want to do it right the first time,” Wright said. “It’s one more ornament on the tree for the holidays.”