Crack pipe turns out to be electric cigarette | Police blotter

Issaquah police were dispatched to a call July 23 of a male and a female possibly using a crack pipe.

Issaquah police were dispatched to a call July 23 of a male and a female possibly using a crack pipe.

The caller said they were “tripping.” When police arrived in the 1400 block of Gilman Boulevard they contacted the suspects who indicated they were using an electronic cigarette. They showed officers the device.


A 36-year-old Sammamish woman was pulled over July 22 for driving recklessly after speeding past an officer at 60 mph in a 35 mph zone.

When officers stopped the woman in the 4400 block of Issaquah Pine Lake Road Southeast, she began screaming frantically that her husband was having heart problems. The officer followed her to the hospital.

After hospital staff took the man in for evaluation, the woman admitted her husband asked her to slow down. Officers admitted it was a unique and unfortunate incident but she was still jeopardizing the safety and lives of others, including her own children, who were in the minivan.

The report was forwarded to prosecutor for review.


A Mercer Island woman called Sammamish police July 20 after discovering her $5,000 horse saddle was stolen from a stable in the 20700 block of Southeast 34th Street.

There is no evidence or suspects at this time.


An 18-year-old Sammamish man was arrested July 20 for driving under the influence. The man was pulled over near Northeast 28th Street and Sahalee Way for following another vehicle too closely.

The driver immediately told police his car smelled of intoxicants but he was sober. A 21-year-old man in the back seat said he’d been drinking, while two underage females in the car also denied drinking.

Despite the attempt, police smelled intoxicants on the breath of the driver, who blew a .22.

The suspect, who said he was concerned he would now lose a swimming scholarship at a major university, was picked up from the station by his mother.


Sammamish police responded to a call July 19 of a 47-year-old woman threatening to hurt herself with a kitchen knife. A former co-worker was concerned for the woman’s health after seeing her earlier in the day.

When police arrived, the woman was locked in her bathroom. She admitted to having health issues, including issues with alcohol, and said she was likely to hurt herself if officers didn’t show up when they did.


A Sammamish woman called police July 16 after she noticed a file cabinet containing a laptop missing from her garage.

The woman, who lives in the 1100 block of 226th Avenue Northeast, said her home recently had wood floors refurbished and she was concerned one of the workers might have stolen the computer with sensitive information on it.

Leads on possible suspects turned up empty. The woman was trying to obtain the serial number from the computer in hopes it could be tracked down.


A Sammamish man contacted police July 23 to report he found four credit card acceptance letters in his mailbox with more than $7,000 in charges made in his name.

The man said he hadn’t applied for a credit card in at least two years. The case is under investigation.


A 19-year-old Woodinville man was arrested July 22 after Sammamish police witnessed him stumbling away from a house party in the area of Southeast 26th Street and Audubon Park Drive Southeast.

The man, who didn’t have identification, was uncooperative when police asked him for his information. The man, who was eventually identified and charged for consuming alcohol underage.


A caller reported an intoxicated man urinating in the bushes near an Issaquah fast food drive-through before 10 p.m., July 21.

Police contacted the man, who was sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle in the 5500 block of East Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast. The suspect was accompanied by his sober father, who was driving.

The man admitted to urinating in the bushes as he urgently needed to go and couldn’t use the restaurant because the inside portion was closed. He was warned for his behavior.


Issaquah police were advised July 20 of a female crying in the park across the street from a gas station in the 1400 block of Northwest Sammamish Road.

Officers contacted the female, who said she began crying due to a toothache. She said she recently took Oragel and Ibuprofin and felt better.


An Issaquah woman called police July 20, reporting that her neighbor was watching her with binoculars.

The caller, who lives in the 200 block of Southwest Clark Street, also indicated that someone threw a rock at her window the previous night.


Issaquah police responded to a call July 20 of a service dog causing a disturbance inside a business in the 6200 block of East Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast.

The manager reported a woman came in with a small dog that was jumping on people. The subject left prior to police arrival.


An employee of an Issaquah business called police just before 11:30 p.m., July 19 to report he saw a subject standing outside peering in through the windows.

The suspect was allegedly squatting down on the sidewalk behind some shrubs looking into the windows of the business in the 5700 block of East Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast.