Don Gerend elected Sammamish Mayor

Council pats itself on the back for prosperous 2008

The Sammamish City Council last week unanimously elected Don Gerend to serve as Mayor for 2009.

It will be Gerend’s second term as Mayor.

Gerend replaces outgoing Mayor Lee Fellinge.

Former Mayor Jack Barry was elected to the position of Deputy Mayor, defeating Nancy Whitten in a close vote.

The Mayoral election followed Fellinge’s ‘State of the City’ address.

In the presentation, Fellinge said that “we published a community survey that indicates our residents are pretty happy with the ‘state of the city’.”

“Seventy-eight percent believed that the city is on the ‘right track’,” he said.

Fellinge then listed several other positive survey results and summarized the successes of the council in the past year, before saying that criticism of the council often related to projects and issues that are very complicated, and “don’t lend themselves to quick analysis or easy summation in a soundbite or bumper sticker.”

At the conclusion of his address, Fellinge was met with a standing ovation.

The self-congratulatory mood of the council continued with the passing of the gavel to the new Mayor, which was followed by another standing ovation.

The meeting was then adjourned for cake.