Eastside Fire & Rescue to leave behind Naloxone kits for those at-risk of opioid overdose

Eastside Fire & Rescue’s service area has had a total of 67 fatal overdoses since January 2020.

Eastside Fire & Rescue is partnering with King County Public Health to bring the Naloxone Leave-Behind Program to their service area. The program aims to prevent opioid overdose with the help of the CORE Connect program to connect people with resources for care, treatment, and recovery.

The current pandemic combined with the rise in fentanyl use has caused a substantial increase in overdoses in King County. Eastside Fire & Rescue’s service area has had a total of 67 fatal overdoses since January 2020.

Naloxone Leave-Behind Kits carry two four-milligram Narcan nasal sprays, instructions for administration, and information about recovery programs in the area. The overdose-treating drug can save the life of someone experiencing an opioid overdose.

All EF&R first response apparatus and the CORE team will carry the Naloxone Leave-Behind Kits. The kits will be distributed as needed to overdose patients or their family members, friends, or cohabitants. EF&R will refer those receiving the leave-behind kits to the CORE program to contact and offer recovery services.

Opioid overdoses, including those involving heroin, oxytocin, and fentanyl, can be treated using Naloxone. EF&R believes increasing access to Naloxone, resources, and recovery programs are essential to reducing fatal and non-fatal overdoses in every community. The Naloxone Leave-Behind Kits will be carried by EF&R starting next week.

“Recovery is such a key part of the opioid use disorder,” said Deputy Director of Community Services at EF&R Jamie Formisano. “We partnered with King County’s Eastgate Public Health and Swedish Issaquah Emergency Room to create a coordinated care pathway for individuals seeking care after receiving the Naloxone Leave-Behind Kits.”