Fireworks claim mail box, porch light | The Issaquah Blotter

A short compilation highlighting incidents reported by the Issaquah police department.

The following information was compiled from city of Issaquah police reports:

Fireworks were to blame for blowing up one man’s porch light and another’s mailbox this past week.

They were two of several reported fireworks incidences.

The mailbox was blown up with such force July 16, on the 18000 block of Southeast 44th Street, that a piece of shrapnel flew across the street and put a small hole into the section of his garage door.

The man woke up and went out to investigate, to find that his neighbors mailbox was left completely undamaged.

The man who lost the porch light wasn’t home when it happened July 17. His neighbor heard a large explosion, and saw four people in hoodies get into a green sedan and speed away. The homeowner reported $280 in damages.

Aside from the large explosives, police gave a talk two three youths who were lighting small Black Cats at the water in Timberlake Park on July 18.


Friendly neigbhors

A woman complained to police after her neighbor was reportedly being too nice July 17 on the 600 block of Northwest Juniper Street.

The man kept talking to her, and even convinced other neighbors to send her birthday cards. She told police she didn’t want the cards, and she didn’t want to talk to the neighbor.

Police suggested she file a court order, but she said that was too much effort, and that she was tired and had too much to do.


Assault from a stranger

A couple reported a man in his 40s had been threatening and even assaulted them on couple instances in Issaquah.

During the most serious occurrence, the suspect grabbed the boyfriend by the neck and slapped him across his face at Black Nugget Park on July 13.

The couple was walking around the park when a white man with heavy build and dark hair jogged past. The boyfriend whispered “don’t trip” as he passed by.

When the suspect came around again he grabbed him and said, “What did you say back there, you little punk?”

The couple then saw the man three other times, he made threatening gestures twice, and the fourth time he reportedly slapped and grabbed the girlfriend’s arm.