Flowers on Front Street is collecting donations

The flowers will be hung up and taken down by the Issaquah High School football team.

The Downtown Issaquah Association (DIA) has started accepting donations for the annual Flowers on Front Street campaign. The DIA plans to hang 50 flower baskets this year, increasing the reach of the downtown Issaquah beautification project.

Each year the DIA collects donations to fund the flower basket program. Donations can be submitted in any amount, although two specific donation amounts come with perks. Those who submit a donation of $50 will receive a Mother’s Day card for a loved one, expressing gratitude that a donation was made in their honor. A donation of $250 pays for the basket and the maintenance throughout the fall as well as a Mother’s day card for the donor’s loved one. In addition, the donor or loved one’s name will be recognized on the DIA community board, according to a DIA press release.

“The DIA Flower Basket program enlivens Front Street with a colorful bounty of flowers, adding to the vibrancy of the Downtown,” said Jen Davis Hayes, a city representative on the DIA board. “The flower baskets add an important element to the pedestrian-friendly, vibrant Downtown that residents and visitors enjoy – whether on foot, bike or car.”

The campaign is community grown from start to finish, funded purely by the public’s donations and each flower is grown locally at Squak Mountain Nursery.

“We have members of our community that are continuously passionate about volunteering in the Issaquah Downtown enabling us to have programs that beautify the historic district,” said DIA interim executive director and program manager Terri Thorne. “Community volunteers are passionate about this program.”

Along with outstanding citizens, the flowers will be hung up and taken down by the Issaquah High School football team for the third year in a row. In addition, Sasquatch Strength, located in the Issaquah downtown, also will be volunteering to help hang the baskets Thorne said.

The flower baskets will be hung on May 20, and will remain hanging until just before Salmon Days, the first week of October.

The deadline for donation is noon on May 4, to make a donation go online to

For more information go online to or email