Garden sprouts sense of community in Sammamish

A few months since the seeds were planted, the Sammamish Community Garden has taken off.

A few months since the seeds were planted, the Sammamish Community Garden has taken off.

“We knew that there was interest in the community, it was just nice to have proof,” said Ann Precup, co-chair of the garden steering committee.

The garden, which opened 58 plots to lottery winners in mid-May, now sports a wide variety of thriving plants — everything from strawberries, peas and squash to edible flowers.

“People come through all the time asking how to get one,” said steering committee co-chair Stephanie Hibner, who also has one of the 4- by 12-foot plots.

There were 120 applicants for the 58 spots in the garden.

Sammamish originally started talking about getting a community garden in January 2011, but was delayed after the city wanted to place the garden at Beaver Lake Park. The location was eventually moved to the Lower Commons — an area Precup and Hibner said was much more ideal with its central location, sunlight availability and flat surface.

The co-chairs thanked the city and the parks department for the creation of the garden — something they say puts them on par with most other similar sized communities in the area.

“It’s that movement of living locally, reducing your carbon footprint, getting closer to others in your community and also just knowing where your food comes from,” Precup said. “It’s an incredible movement and we’re just so happy to be part of it.”

Hibner said it’s a great opportunity for people who share the same passion to bounce ideas off one another.

“I think it’s more about learning,” she said. “It’s like, ‘oh wow, what did you do, and what can I do better?’”

While there were double the applicants for the amount of spots, Precup said there will be openings every year as people will undoubtedly have to give up their spots due to other obligations.

“It’s wonderful that it’s so popular and so well received,” she said. “It gives us an indication that having more would definitely be an asset to our community.”

Sammamish will host an official grand opening for the Community Garden on Sept. 22. All the community will be invited to the event, which will feature a live performance by blue grass band. A time is still to be determined.