Homeless men threaten to kill bears in Sammamish with booby traps | Police blotter

Police chased down two 19-year-old males July 18 after they leapt over the fence behind Sammamish Presbyterian Church into the Knolls Apartments.

Police chased down two 19-year-old males July 18 after they leapt over the fence behind Sammamish Presbyterian Church into the Knolls Apartments.

Officers looked over the fence and spotted the men hiding in the bushes. The later came out and admitted to camping in the area.

Officers reported the men smelled like they hadn’t showered in weeks. One man had an Arizona identification card and the other had an expired medical marijuana card from California. The men said they were in Sammamish because they knew someone in the area, but couldn’t say who.

When they admitted to officers they were camping nearby, the men were advised there are numerous bear reports in that area. Both men appeared concerned, but one said, “l’ll just kill the bear.” Officers asked how and they replied, “with booby traps.”

Police advised the men camping is illegal in the city of Sammamish and they asked to leave the area. Officers told them Florida is beautiful, but they better get going before the weather turns bad.


A Sammamish man called police July 18 to report he found a bicycle stashed in the bushes in his yard.

The man assumed it might be his neighbor’s bike since his house was broken into a week earlier. It turns out it wasn’t his neighbors and the serial number didn’t match any reported missing bikes.

The man said he will continue to contact his neighbors in the 1900 block of 205th Place Northeast to find the owner.


While on normal patrol, Sammamish officers noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in the middle of street in the 2500 block of 227th Place Northeast.

A man was spotted knocking on the front door of a home, then sitting on a bench on the porch. When officers asked the man what he was doing, he said he and his wife were looking for work. He stated he did yard work and she did housework.

The subjects left the area without incident.


A 46-year-old Sammamish man was found dead July 16 after he appeared to accidentally hang himself while cleaning a roof with a leaf blower.

The man’s father said before he left the home in the 2800 block of Sahalee Drive East he had lunch with his son, who told him he was going to tie a rope from the chimney to his belt as a safety line.

When the father returned from the grocery store he found his son hanging from the roof with the rope around his neck. An investigation revealed nothing inconsistent with an accidental death.


Sammamish police were forced to deal with an unruly man July 14 after his son was in the process of being taken to jail for being a minor in possession at a Sammamish city park.

Just as officers were preparing to take the 19-year-old from the Sammamish Landing, a man waved down officers and stepped in front of their vehicle. He became very animated and told officers he was a member of the Washington State Patrol for 17 years and that “WSP doesn’t take MIPs to jail.”

The 52-year-old Sammamish man put himself in position between the officer’s door so he couldn’t shut it. He was told to back away. He continued to rant and it appeared to the reporting officer as though he wanted Sammamish police to change their decision in the case involving the man’s son. At no time did the man become physical.


A Sammamish man called police July 15 after he witnessed a vehicle stop in front of his neighbor’s house and throw eggs at the his neighbor’s truck.

The incident took place in the 1800 block of 216th Avenue Southeast. The neighbor gave officers the plate number of the car, which matched a vehicle registered in Carnation.


A Sammamish man called police July 14 to report someone broke off the base of two of the four apple trees he had recently planted in the 3500 block of 223rd Avenue Southeast.

It appeared as if someone kicked the trees and broke them.


Sammamish police responded to a call July 13 of kids smoking marijuana in the woods near Southeast Third Place and 244th Avenue Southeast.

Upon arrival they found three teens, who admitted to smoking marijuana and handed over the drugs. The teens were forced to call their parents, who came to pick them up.