Issaquah City Council elects leadership positions

Council introduces new Council President Lindsey Walsh and Deputy Council President Zach Hall.

The Issaquah City Council has announced that its members have voted Lindsey Walsh to the Council President position and Zach Hall to be Deputy Council President.

Council President Walsh was first appointed to the Issaquah City Council in Feb. 2019 and then elected in Nov. of 2019 after serving two years on the Planning Policy Commission. Walsh’s priorities include investing in quality of life transportation projects, working with neighboring towns to improve traffic flow, increasing the city’s partnership with the school district, championing efficiency in fiscal decisions and smart growth.

Deputy Council President Hall was elected to the Issaquah City Council in 2019. A lifelong resident, he remembers growing up in the South Cove neighborhood and attending Issaquah public schools. Hall helps represent Issaquah as a member of the Eastside Fire & Rescue Board of Directors and the Cascade Water Alliance Board of Directors.

The role of the Council President includes:

-Serving as the Mayor pro tem in the absence of the Mayor.

-Approving agendas for Regular and Special Council meetings in coordination with the Mayor.

-Coordinating with the Mayor and Councilmembers to facilitate the application process for optional seats on regional boards and commissions.

-Setting the accounts payables and payroll review schedule.

-Signing certain official documents, such as minutes and resolutions.

-Responding to correspondence to the City Council on behalf of the Council.

-Providing input in the planning and coordination efforts for Council retreats/planning sessions.

-Representing the City Council at events or designating another Councilmember to do so.

-Chairing special study sessions of the City Council.

The Deputy Council President fills the above roles in the absence of the Council President. Both the Council President and Deputy Council President attend a weekly leadership meeting with the Mayor and City Administrator.