Issaquah council approves 6-acre land dedication from apartment developer

The council approved the mayor to accept a dedication of 6-acres of park land, wetland, and trail.

On Jan. 7, the city council approved a request to accept the dedication of 6.1 acres of land by Gateway Apartments, also known as Anthology.

Gateway Apartments, a 400-unit residential area, located on Newport Way, proposed the dedication of a portion of land to the city.

Development services manager Lucy Sloman explained that the Wolff Company, owners of Gateway Apartments, proposed the dedication that includes a multi-use trail and boardwalk, park land and wetland.

Having the land dedicated to the city would create a non-motorized shortcut between Newport Way and the Mountains to Sound Greenway as well as connecting Rowley properties and Gilman Boulevard, Sloman said. That has been of interest in the area, as there had been a desire for mixed uses of land, but no developer had built any. Having another route to retail and commercial functions is important, she said.

Other public benefits include the addition of a neighborhood park in an area without one, and the acquisition of wetland that will allow the city to restore and preserve critical areas and creek-side habitats.

Because park impact fees have been collected from the property, the city determined that the developer will be reimbursed more than $2 million, but the city will keep a remaining $645,327.74 in impact fees. The city also estimated the annual cost to maintain the dedicated areas at $11,000, split between irrigation and maintenance costs.

The council unanimously gave the mayor approval to accept the dedication.

The full video archive of the meeting is available on the city’s official YouTube page.