Issaquah man finds mice in cereal box | Police blotter

A man called police Sept. 11 when his apartment had an infestation of mice. He said one mouse popped out of his cereal box, he was finding piles of feces and urine stains on his pillow case and chewed up clothing.

The following information was compiled from the city of Sammamish and Issaquah police reports:

A man called police Sept. 11 when his apartment had an infestation of mice. He said one mouse popped out of his cereal box, he was finding piles of feces and urine stains on his pillow case and chewed up clothing.

The office told the man, who lives on the 600 block of Front Street South, the he should contact his landlord.


When a baby deer got stuck in a retention pond on East Lake Sammamish Parkway, its mother and father grew agitated and began running into the roadway.

Police opened a gate Sept. 14 to search for the fawn, but it must have found its way out, because it wasn’t there.


A woman struck three vehicles parked on 221st Place Southeast in Issaquah with a GMC Safari on Sept. 19. She broke off all three side-view mirrors and dented one of the cars.

When police talked to them about the incident, her boyfriend agreed to pay for all the damages.


Someone called police Sept. 17 when they saw a bear get struck in the roadway on Front Street near the highway. When police arrived, they saw the bear continue to move with another, scaling a fence to a drainage pond on the north side of I-90.

They then made their way onto the off ramp that connects to Front Street.


Police talked to a young man throwing rocks at a window on Sunset Way on Sept. 18 and learned he was trying to wake his friend. He agreed to stop throwing rocks and that it was not a good idea.


A police officer had to clear the roadway at Northeast Discovery Drive and Highlands Drive Northeast on Sept. 14 after finding a bunch of rocks. He later learned that someone had been throwing the rocks into the roadway from a side ledge.


Police set up extra patrols in the South Cove neighborhood Sept. 12 after a number of vehicle prowls were reported there. A man was walking his dogs in the area the day before and found an audio book on the side of the road. The officers believed it may have been connected to the many break-ins.


An 18-year-old Sammamish woman was taken into custody Sept. 18 after a speeding violation led to more trouble.

The woman was clocked coming up too fast behind a Sammamish police officer, going 59 in a 35 mph zone near 228th Avenue Southeast and Inglewood Hill Road. When she was pulled over, the woman said she had just dropped off friends who had been drinking.

When the officer asked if she had anything to drink, she admitted to taking a few shots earlier. The woman blew a .024. Because she is underage, she faces charges of a minor operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol along with speeding citation.


A Sammamish woman called police Sept. 10 to report the theft of more than $21,000 items from her home in the 2100 block of Southeast 34th Street.

Thieves, who appeared to enter through a window in the family room, grabbed several items including a 1-karat diamond ring valued at $5,000.

They also stole several other jewelry items, along with a Gibson Les Paul guitar and a Nikon camera.


School officials at Eastlake High called police Sept. 19 to report they found a small amount of marijuana and a glass pipe in a student’s car.

A teacher heard the 18-year-old girl talking about “chronic” during the day and alerted school officials, who subsequently did a search of her vehicle. The girl faces a 45-day suspension, reducible with treatment.


The school resource officer at Skyline High School responded to a call of a student bringing fireworks to school on Sept. 18.

The student said he inadvertently placed a “Ground Blooming Flower” in his pocket and had no intention of lighting it. He told the dean that when he discovered it, it he immediately threw it away. He also had no lighter in his possession.

Sammamish police disposed of the firework.


A Sammamish woman called police Sept. 22 to report her 22-karat gold chain and pendant missing.

The woman initially discovered the jewelry was missing before taking a trip to India in June.

She later heard that one of the people who cleans her home had a brother arrested for stealing jewelry and was concerned he may have done the same to her.

Police explained how pawn shops and metal buying businesses work and that it was unlikely they can recover the jewelry. The case is still open.


A Sammamish woman in the 2300 block of Southeast 48th Street called police Sept. 22 to report construction workers going 47 minutes past their deadline.

The woman said after-hours construction noise is an ongoing problem in the neighborhood.


A vehicle owner in the 100 block of 247th Avenue Southeast in Sammamish called police Sept. 23 to report someone hit her vehicle parked legally on the street sometime overnight.

There was damage to the front driver’s side, above the wheel well. There was no apparent paint transfer or other physical evidence at the scene.


A store manager at a Pine Lake grocery store called police Sept. 14 to report two separate thefts of alcohol. A couple stole more than $400 in hard liquor from the store Sept. 10, while an individual male made off with nearly $700 in liquor on his own.

Over a two-hour period, the man stashed bottles of liquor in the beer aisle, then filled an empty paper bag with the liquor before leaving. He came back later with a different shirt, and used the same method, stashing a bag full of liquor in the floral department. Security camera footage revealed the process took two hours.

The man stole several expensive liquors, including 10 bottles of Red Breast Scotch.


A Sammamish man called police Sept. 19 to report the safety glass on the right rear window of his vehicle was smashed.

The man thought the incident might have taken place in the Pine Lake Shopping Center where it was parked, but police were unable to find any glass around the car. The man called home and his father said there was no broken glass in the driveway.

Police suspect the glass was broken at home and small pieces of glass fell off on his way to work.


A Sammamish woman called police Sept. 18 to report she received calls for five days straight from men claiming to be law enforcement and/or federal government, saying they were going to come to her home and arrest her.

They didn’t explain why, and continued to tell the woman they knew who she was by giving her the last four digits of her social security number.

The calls appear to have originated in Virginia.


A Sammamish woman called police Sept. 7 to report someone had charged more than $3,000 to her newly issued credit cards.

One of the cards was used at a Redmond department store. The other was used to pay a utility bill. The account has since been inactivated.